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Circumnavigators Club

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         Fall and Spring:  $9,000

Location: Anywhere

Semesters:   Spring, Fall

GPA Requirement:  None


Requires:  a project outline of not more than five double-spaced pages covering the proposed study topicand its relevance to furthering global scholarship or understanding, a general itinerary encompassing an around-the-world trip viable within the amount of the grant and the rationale for the selection of proposed countries to be visited.

More Information:

students must be in their third-year at one of the participating universities (interested students should check with their grants and fellowship offices to determine whether their schools participate). preparing and submitting a rough draft of a research paper to the Foundation no later than 30 days following the completion date of the trip, and a final paper no more than 60 days later. The final research paper must be in scholarly form, complete with detailed interview notes, citations, and the like, and its submission on a timely basis is an absolute obligation of each grantee as a precondition to being awarded a grant. A portion of the grant funds will be withheld until the final paper has been submitted.

Deadline: November 8th, 2016