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Daniel Horn '15

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If Daniel J. Horn seems like a walking, talking ad for Clarkson, you’re missing the point.

Yes, he’s an Honors student majoring in chemical engineering. He’s also a member of the student Senate, a Resident Advisor and he leads campus tours for visitors. And, yes, he unabashedly says things like, “I love it here.”

Hearing about just some of the things he’s done in less than two years, it’s worth asking: why wouldn’t he love it here?

He’s working with Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Professor Ruth Baltus on his second research project: experimenting with microfiltration and ultrafiltration. His work is likely to yield new and less-expensive ways to purify water. In turn, this will help in the production of food, pharmaceuticals and even biotech research and development. It could even offer the world an easier, less energy-intensive way to desalinate sea water.

Not bad for a sophomore, right?

Still, Daniel wanted something… more. Something like virtue. Here’s how Daniel puts it:

“I want people to trust me to do what I say I will.” That’s why he ran for—and partly why he won—a Senate seat on the Clarkson University Student Association.

“Being a member of the school’s student government opened my eyes,” he said. “I learned about some of the University’s inner workings and why our policies took shape.”

He says something similar, when he talks about his work in the lab:

“Science is fascinating. I don’t research simple reactions. I’m trying to figure out a whole process—how a system works. Until you do it in real life, you just don’t know how it will turn out.”

He says Clarkson’s modern labs and equipment—and his professors—are the catalysts making it all happen.

It makes sense, then, that his friends call him “Mr. CUSA” (and they call him whenever they have a question about how the University works and how to navigate campus life). It also makes sense that he leads those campus tours, and that he tells visitors about his experiences at Clarkson.

And this is the point: Daniel found the key to a future that’s unfolding with opportunities everywhere he turns. And he found it at Clarkson.

So, the question is—again—why wouldn’t he love it here?

Daniel Horn

Daniel J. Horn '15