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Hope Matis '06

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"My time at Clarkson was invaluable in preparing me for the real world," says chemical engineering alumna Hope Matis '06. "The focus on teamwork and group projects parallels the way projects are often run in the workplace, with multiple multi-functional team members," she says.

Hope would know.  Since graduation, she has worked at General Electric's Global Research facility as a chemical engineer, taking on several projects in a variety of fields "side by side with some of the most brilliant scientific minds in research."

She has worked on a carbon dioxide scrubber for fuel cells, vanadium removal from heavy crude oils, evaluating protective coatings for flexible solar cells, a dry-feeding mechanism for coal-biomass mixtures for gasification, and anaerobic digesters.

Her extensive hands-on opportunities were among the reasons Hope is so comfortable in her current lab. "As a member of the Honors Program, I was able to do research during the summer before my freshman year under Prof. Gregory Campbell," she explains.  "I continued to work with Prof. Campbell for my Honors thesis throughout my years at Clarkson." Working with professors also helped Hope win an award from the EPA's Student Design Competition for a proposal on using biodiesel in school buses, which was part of a team effort led by Prof. Andrea Ferro and Prof. Susan Powers.

Hope's education was further enhanced through internships at Argonne National Lab in Idaho and IBM's Semiconductor Research and Development fabrication facility in lithography.

Hope Matis