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Kevin Fisher '12

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"Chemical engineers are the future of medicine, energy and materials, which are all extremely important topics in our world," says Kevin Fisher ‘12. "I wanted to pursue this major because I knew I could really make a difference."

Kevin, a Honeoye Falls, N.Y. native, has spent his time at Clarkson preparing to make that difference in the world through the opportunities he has had with Honors Program research, hands-on internships, and SPEED (Student Projects for Engineering Experience & Design) teams.

After his first year at Clarkson, Kevin spent the summer getting experience in the lab while performing research under Prof. Richard Partch on the conversion of organic waste to oil. He says, "The faculty members at Clarkson have always been willing to help out whenever I need it, especially when it comes to research."

In 2010, Kevin was chosen by the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) to be a SCI Scholar, which provided him with a 10-week internship at Arch Chemicals Inc. in Rochester, N.Y.  He worked in the production department with senior chemical engineers, performing calculations to determine the energy savings of a variety of process improvements.

"My internship gave me real-world perspective on the applications of what we learn at Clarkson. It also provided me with training that will be invaluable for future employment," he says.

Outside the classrooms and labs, Kevin is president of the Chem-E-Car SPEED team. He is in charge of a group of students who must design and build a shoebox-sized car that is powered and stopped by chemical reactions. Last year, his team competed at the University of Maine with their aluminum air fuel cell car.

What's after Clarkson? Not surprisingly, Kevin says, "I would like to attend graduate school for either alternative energy or materials engineering and then use that expertise to accomplish my goals of improving our world."

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Kevin Fisher