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Center for Innovative Device Technologies

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Vladimir Privman, Director

Center for Innovative Device Technologies has its primary research focus in novel information processing device science and engineering approaches which offer alternatives and new enabling and capability-adding options for the standard computer and sensor technology in commercial use. These topics have required synergistic collaborations across disciplines, between engineers and scientists, and formation of dynamical teams of researchers. The enabling role and scope of the Center has been to provide a synergistic unit for faculty team-forming aimed at research collaborations and project development. This is accomplished building on recent research successes in bio-molecular information and signal processing, capitalizing on traditional research strengths in micro- and nano-structured materials for device applications at Clarkson University, as well as drawing on the experience of an earlier center activity in quantum information. The scope of the Center activities has included student and researcher mentorship, conference organization, sponsorship of conference sessions and scientific-journal issues in relevant research topics, and generally research endeavors which transcend single-investigator projects.

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