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Marcy Petroccione '07

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Just two years after graduation, Marcy Petroccione '07 is working as a web programmer for Triad Securities, a small prime brokerage firm.

Q: Describe the key work that you do.
A: I maintain the website for a small prime brokerage firm that enables our customers to access their financial
    information via reports, book trades via our online trading system, and information about IPOs (Initial Public
    Offerings), all of which is done through our website.

Q: What is the most interesting aspect of your career?
A: I had the advantage of starting in a small company because it allows me to be my own manager, to whatever
    extent I am comfortable with. I am given projects, or even come up with things that need to be done, and I
    complete them in my own way, with guidance of course. This is the most rewarding part of my job - figuring
    out how to go about doing something and carrying it out to completion.

Q: Think back a bit: Why did you choose Clarkson in the first place?
A: I liked that Clarkson encourages its students to figure things out on their own. Students are given a lab big
    enough, and with as many resources as possible, to solve the problems that they are given. And these are not
    just small obscure tasks but real life tasks; i.e. creating a race car, designing a website for a local company,
    or implementing a business plan.

Q: How did a Clarkson education help you launch your career?
A: When I started looking for a job, the Career Center was a big help by preparing me for the interview and
     giving me networking tools such as the mentor program, which allows current students to meet with alumni in
     similar fields. Also, my web and graphics design classes helped in giving me an edge that most technical
     programmers do not have. That diverse technical and media background proved incredibly handy. The group
     work that was so abundant in Clarkson helped me learn my strengths and weaknesses working with others.
     Because of this I am able to communicate and articulate my points more clearly, as well as listening to

Q: What activities did you participate in while at Clarkson?
A: I worked on a few internships, including helping to design an educational resource website for the area and
     technical writing about the implications of young emerging sciences, such as nanotechnology. I definitely
     learned good work ethic, while having to balance school work, a job and an internship. Internships are a 
     great way of seeing what a career would be like in your field.

Marcy Petroccione '07