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Communication & Media Curriculum

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Our curriculum provides ample opportunity for our students to take advantage of Clarkson’s strong technological environment.

The curriculum allows for great flexibility, enabling students to double major in Communication and another discipline such as Computer Science, Psychology or Digital Arts & Science. Recent double majors have found excellent careers in information systems, instructional design and business consulting. Below are the requirements and a sample curriculum for a bachelor's degree in Communication. As part of Clarkson's Common Experience, all students must take five courses and cover four difference knowledge areas. You must take one Knowledge Area course the covers two Knowledge Areas (University Course).

General Requirements
Course Credit Hours
Clarkson Seminar 3
Mathematics Course 3
Statistics Course 3
Science Courses 7
Computer Courses 6
Additional Mathematics, Science, or Computer Course 3
Communication Requirements
Course Credit Hours
COMM210 Theory of Rhetoric 3
COMM312, 313, or 330 3
COMM341 Introduction to Web Design 3
COMM410, 412, or 428 3
COMM490 Communication Internship 3
Additional COMM Courses 21
External Field of Study 15
Electives to bring total to 120 credit hours.

The Communication program is designed to be flexible. In most cases, students work closely with their academic adviser to arrange an appropriate sequence of courses. The following is a typical eight-semester plan*.

Comm Sample Program

* - Courses, sequences, and credits may vary. Clarkson requires 120 credits for graduation.

NOTE - Some electives may require additional prerequisites.