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English as a Second Language (ESL) and the Common Experience

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Students for whom English is a second language must take an English language placement examination upon entering Clarkson. Based on the outcome of this examination, a student may be required to complete one or more EAP English for Academic Purposes courses (formerly labeled ESL) prior to enrolling in UNIV190, The Clarkson Seminar, or any course assigned one or two communications points.

NOTE that international students who enter as first-year students and are placed in EAP course(s) may substitute another course for UNIV190, The Clarkson Seminar. The substitute course (1) must have a C1 or C2 designation and (2) must have at least one of the Knowledge Area designators (CGI, CSO, EC, IA, IG, STS) and come from the humanities and/or social science disciplines. The substitute course must be IN ADDITION TO the 5 required Knowledge Area courses.

A record of such substitutions should be made on the "UNIV190 Substitution Form" available from the Student Administrative Services web page at http://www, The completed form should be sent to SAS, and a copy placed in the student's departmental file.