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Coulter Gift

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Wallace H. Coulter
Wallace H. Coulter

The Wallace H. Coulter Foundation has made a $30-million gift commitment to Clarkson, in support of ongoing excellence in engineering and science programs. This gift, the largest in Clarkson's history, reinforces and broadens Clarkson's most successful learning and research activities.

Clarkson's School of Engineering has been named the Wallace H. Coulter School of Engineering in recognition of the late Wallace Coulter's dedication to the University as a trustee and the Foundation's generous support.

The extraordinary generosity of the Coulter Foundation will enable the University to realize Wallace Coulter's vision for bioengineering at Clarkson. The gift will enhance research and teaching in accordance with the theme “Technology Serving Humanity.”

Wallace Coulter was a visionary with a keen scientific mind. His ingenuity led to a major breakthrough in science: the Coulter Principle. It provided a methodology for counting, measuring and evaluating microscopic particles suspended in fluid. His invention of the Coulter Counter made possible today’s most common medical diagnostic test: the complete blood count (CBC).

Like Wallace Coulter, Clarkson also builds bridges that make all the difference. Clarkson connects people and technology. It connects the laboratory, classroom and marketplace. It ties theory to application. Clarkson builds bridges between disciplines and links business, engineering, liberal arts and science to facilitate advances beyond the boundaries of traditional disciplines. Clarkson produces graduates who can collaborate effectively with a wide range of professionals in a world full of complex problems.