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Activities & Clubs

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Association for Computing Machinery (ACM):

The department sponsors a very active student chapter of the ACM. Among their recent activities: informal classes on Unix and DOS, mini-reference guides for Unix and DOS to Unix migration, a programming contest for regional high school students, and computer demonstrations for visitors.

The Applied Computer Science Labs at Clarkson University consist of the Clarkson Open Source Institute, the Internet Teaching Lab, and the Virtual Reality Lab. These labs, which are part of the Computer Science department, are almost entirely student-run, offering the opportunity to gain experience in managing both facilities and projects.

Clarkson Open Source Institute

The Clarkson Open Source Institute (COSI) is a project based, student run organization with the goals of promoting open source software and providing a sandbox for student project ideas. COSI maintains a Linux- based computer lab where they hold presentations and workshops related to our projects and related technologies. Students are able to gain relevant technical skills and experience while developing important networks for future job opportunities. COSI's Web site

Terascale All-sensing Research Studio

The Terascale All-sensing Research Studio (TARS) involves research on using multi-sensor systems in computer vision, computer graphics, human-computer interaction, software engineering, linguistics, biometrics, and big data analytics. The studio has a rotating camera system for 3D scanning of objects, an eight Raspberry Pi camera desktop system for capturing evolving object behavior, a dual Raspberry Pi body mounted capture system, a five Kinect + two microphone system for capturing 3D human behavior, and an HTC VIVE virtual reality headset. The studio also houses a delta 3D printer and a dual-extrusion Cartesian 3D printer. Studio Webpage: