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Point of Contact: Dr. Stefan Grimberg, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

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The conversion of biomass and organic waste into biofuels, including fuel oil and gasoline, for heat and power and the associated environmental impacts and social consequences is at the center of this research area.  The abundance of biomass feedstocks in Northern New York and their potential to enhance regional economic development is substantial.  The scope of research ranges from the conversion of biomass to fuels using thermo-chemical and biological means, such as biocatalytic microreactors, to sociology research to investigate the cause of farmers’ reluctance to adopt new energy technologies, such as anaerobic digestion, even when they provide economic benefits.  Funding is for this research area has been provided by NYSERDA, NY Ag & Markets, USDA, and DOE.  Collaborations with area farmers and CoolBrands, Inc, a local dairy processing plant, have been established to transfer research results to energy consumers/generators.

For more information, please see the Clarkson Biomass Group website.