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This website is designed specifically to provide you with helpful information about transitioning to Clarkson University.  Please review all of this information to ensure that you are prepared to begin your college experience. 

  • PeopleSoft: PeopleSoft is the system that we use at Clarkson to handle a multitude of things including but not limited to class schedules, final exam schedules, financial aid and account information, roommate assignments, and your orientation forms and paperwork that need to be submitted prior to your arrival.  Once you log in to your PeopleSoft account, you need to click Student Services Center where you will then see your “To Do List” on the right hand side providing a listing of all the forms that need to be completed this summer and prior to your arrival.  As you complete the forms, they will disappear from your to-do list. 
  • Clarkson E-mail: You should start checking your Clarkson email account on a regular basis.  This will be the primary way we communicate with you over the summer and throughout the academic year.  You can login to your account by going to and using your Clarkson Username and Password to log in.
  • Academics/Class Schedule: Student Administrative Services (SAS) will be putting your schedule together over the spring and summer months.   They will build your schedule based on your major, academic record, and the information that you provide when you complete the related forms in PeopleSoft.  For more information, visit Academics.
  • Housing: The Clarkson University Housing Survey and Contract will be posted in your PeopleSoft 'to do list' in the near future for you to complete.  This lists the rules and expectations for both residential and commuter Clarkson students.  By filling out the Clarkson University Housing Questionnaire, you agree to abide by the rules and expectations outlined in the  Housing Contract and the Clarkson Regulations. Clarkson University student housing assignments are typically made available on PeopleSoft in July.  For more information on Housing, please visit Residence Life.
  • Meals: Our meal plans are designed for maximum flexibility to mirror the busy student lifestyle. While all meal plans are available, we strongly recommend the "Golden Knight" for all incoming freshmen. You will be able to make your meal plan selection once the form is made available to you via your PeopleSoft 'to do list'. For more information on Meals, please visit Residence Life.

If you have any questions, please contact your admissions counselor. We also encourage you to become a member of the Clarkson University Class of 2021 page on Facebook at

All the forms required for your matriculation at Clarkson can be found on PeopleSoft. Your PeopleSoft login and password are the same as the ones used for your e-mail. For more information.

PeopleSoft Service Center Guide