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Student Administrative Services

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Student Administrative Services (SAS) is a unique feature of Clarkson University that combines in one central location – the different services usually associated with the office of the registrar (student records), student accounts and financial aid. At the heart of SAS are six student services representatives who are knowledgeable in all areas.  

Getting off on the right foot is important to your success; please visit SAS to see information on SAS required forms for new students.

New Students, Transfer Students and Clarkson School Students will continue to contact the following departments regarding any questions:

New Students – Admissions Office at 315-268-6480 or 800-527-6577 or email

Transfer Students – Transfer Admissions Office at 315-268-2125 or 800-527-6577 or email

Clarkson School Students – The Clarkson School Office at 315-268-4425 or 800-574-4425 or email

Once you are on campus, your records are then transferred to Student Administrative Services (SAS) and we will be your contact for the remainder of your Clarkson career.