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Chemical Safety

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Clarkson's Chemical Safety Program encompasses the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (29 CFR 1910.1200), the Laboratory Standard (29 CFR 1910.1450) and a variety of other OSHA and EPA requirements related to chemical safety and hazardous waste. The primary elements of our Chemical Safety Program include written policies and procedures, training, medical consultation, emergency response, periodic compliance inspections and a mandatory registration of highly hazardous chemicals.

The Clarkson University Chemical Hygiene Plan

Lab Accountability Policy

Laboratory Decommissioning Procedure

If a Faculty member leaves the University or moves a research laboratory, the Laboratory Decommissiong Procedure should be followed.  Please allow an adequate amount of time to complete the Lab Decommissioning Procedure.  A lab cannot be moved in 24-hours.

Laboratory Decommissioning Procedure

Supporting documents to Laboratory Decommissioning Procedure:

Hazard Communication (aka Right to Know Law)

Chemical Inventory

All laboratories that contain chemicals must maintain an inventory of the chemicals in the lab and submit an updated chemical inventory on an annual basis to the EHS Manager. Please refer to the Chemical Inventory Guidelines below on how to complete your chemical inventory using the Chemical Inventory Template.

Chemical Spill Response
Laboratories containing chemicals must have a small chemical spill kit in each laboratory for researchers to use.  Below is an Inventory of materials that should be included in a Spill Kit.  The inventory includes materials that should be in every spill kit as well as materials that should be included based on hazards in the laboratory.  There are also procedures to assist researchers in cleaning chemical spills.  These procedures should be printed and included with the laboratory spill kit.

Should chemical spills occur that are large or you are unable to handle, please call Campus Safety & Security (x6666) for assistance.

Transporting and Shipping Hazardous Materials

Additional links - Toxicology info and MSDS collections on the web:


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