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Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

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Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) can occur at all ages. The only treatment of SCA is defibrillation such as that provided by an automated external defibrillator (AED).  In the United States more than 350,000 people die each year from SCA before reaching a hospital.  In many cases SCA can be reversed with early defibrillation. Defibrillation involves shocking the heart with an electric current that allows the heart to reestablish its normal rhythm. To be most effective, defibrillation must occur as soon as possible after the onset of SCA.  The chance of survival from sudden cardiac arrest decreases by 7-10 percent per minute until defibrillation.  AEDs have been shown to be easy to use (by nonmedical personnel), are safe, and are effective in saving lives.

CPR/AED and First Aid Training

CPR/AED and first aid training is offered through Clarkson University’s Wellness Program.  Watch the University Events Calendar to find out when the next training session is being offered.

AED Locations

AEDs are installed in wall-mounted cabinets or on hangers throughout campus at the locations listed below.  Each cabinet is equipped with a high-pitched local alarm that sounds when the cabinet door is opened and is silenced upon securely closing the door.

Hill Campus
  • CAMP: across from lecture room 175
  • Cheel: 1st floor next to main entrance
  • ERC: Campus Safety & Security Office
  • Fitness Center: behind main desk
  • Quad: Ross/Brooks Dining Hall entrance (2nd floor)   
  • Science Center: 2nd floor next to elevator and Chemistry Stockroom
  • Snell: 1st floor atrium
  • Student Center: 2nd floor next to elevator
  • Walker Arena: main entrance
Downtown Campus
  • Clarkson Hall: 1st floor next to elevator
  • Old Main: 1st floor main entrance

In addition, mobile AEDs are carried on Campus Safety & Security vehicles and by Clarkson University EMS personnel when responding to a medical emergency.  There are also four (4) mobile AEDs that travel with Athletics during all sporting events.

A visual map of all of Clarkson's AED locations can be viewed by clicking here.

AED Usage

All AEDs on Clarkson University’s campus are Philips Heartstart FRx, Philips Heartstart HS1 or ZOLL Fully Automatic AED Plus.  Instructions on how to use the AED can be found on the unit itself and also has audio prompts that will lead you through all necessary steps to follow.