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Summer 2014
Summer 2014
Beaded Bracelets
By Claudine (McCormack) Jalajas ’94
Running Press, U.S.
his jewelry crafter’s guide contains 25 original beaded bracelet designs
that are contemporary, beautiful and wear comfortably. Fully illustrated with
both technical diagrams and photos, the book focuses on four main stitches
— peyote, crossweave, right angle weave and herringbone techniques and
will appeal to both beginners and expert crafters.
The 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair
By Bill Cotter ’73 and Bill Young
Arcadia Publishing
Advertised as the Billion-Dollar Fair, the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair
transformed a sleepy park in the borough of Queens into a fantasy world enjoyed
by more than 51 million visitors from around the world.This book showcases the
beauty of this international spectacular through rare color photographs.
Velvet Crossovers
By Nicholas Timko ’69
n the autumn of 1989, a family, a nation and a continent lived through
change and endured hardship in this story of how their invincible human
spirits brought out the best in them. Witness what happened to the author’s
American and Czech family during a pivotal moment in history, as the Iron
Curtain began to fray, and the sun began to set on the Soviet empire, and
as Communist Czechoslovakia changed … forever.
F.I.R.E: How Fast,
Inexpensive, Restrained,
and Elegant Methods
Ignite Innovation
By Dan Ward ’94,
Lt. Col. U.S. Air Force
I.R.E. provides strategic concepts for
leaders, decision-making principles for
managers and practical tools for people
working on anything from spacecraft and
fighter jets to websites and children’s toys.
Ward’s extensive research and firsthand
experience show how the world’s top
technologists consistently deliver best-
in-class results on shoestring budgets
and cannonball schedules, while using
skeleton crews. He concludes the secret
to innovation is to be fast, inexpensive,
simple and small.
Chemical Process Simplification:
Improving Productivity and Sustainability
By Girish K. Malhotra ’68
John Wiley & Sons Inc.
hile emphasizing conservation and
sustainable strategies, this book provides
steps to improve the manufacturing
technologies used in creating products.
Illustrated with case studies, this is
an essential resource for chemical
engineers, chemists,
plant engineers and
operating personnel
in any chemical-
related businesses.
The Wonderful World of Simulation
By Henry (Hank) Okraski ’58
Modelbenders LLC
he Wonderful World
of Simulation
is a
composite of the past,
current and future of
simulation. With 50
years of simulation
experience including
research, acquisition and support, the
author injects his personal experiences in
the field he has helped to shape. Okraski’s
background in government, industry and
academia enables him to offer the reader
an excellent perspective of simulation as
it has evolved and where it is going.
More than 300 Clarkson alumni and students
participated in Clarkson Serves 2014, the
University’s annual day of service.
At 16 locations around the country, alumni
gathered together to give back to their
communities, reflecting the Clarkson
values of service, teamwork and caring!
Clarkson Serves
Campus Clean-up
Bay Area (Daly City, Calif.)
- Pacifica’s Earth Day of Action
at Mussel Rock Beach
Boston, Mass.
- Long Island Homeless Center
Buffalo, N.Y.
- City Mission
Burlington, Vt.
- Discovery Garden
Capital District (Latham, N.Y.)
- Regional Food Bank
of Northeastern New York
Central NewYork (Syracuse)
- Earth Day clean-up at
Museum of Science & Technology
Cleveland, Ohio
- Clean-up Akron
- Quillinan Reservoir in the Naugatuck
State Forest
- North Shore of O’ahu Girl Scout Camp Paumalu
Naples/Ft. Myers, Fla.
- Habitat for Humanity of Lee County
NewYork, N.Y.
- GrowNYC Plant Sale
Pittsburgh, Pa.
- Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank
Produce to People
Potsdam, N.Y.
- Potsdam Humane Society and Campus
Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
- N.Y.’s “I Love My Park Day” at
Beacon Institute for Rivers & Estuaries
Rochester, N.Y.
- Mount Hope Cemetery Clean-up
Southern California
- Special Olympics, South Bay Area
Games at Veterans Park & Sports Complex
Written a good book lately? Tell us about it. email:
Eco-Art Therapy: Creative Activities that let Earth Teach
By Theresa Sweeney ’83
Published by Theresa Sweeney, Ph.D.
Most of us are out of touch and out of synch with the regenerative and
balancing ways of the Earth. Sweeney blends art therapy with ecotherapy in
a revolutionary learning tool which gives readers the means to anchor that
feel-good aliveness so it doesn’t fade when you return indoors. Far more than
a self-help book, it is a self-help lifestyle.
Somewhere at Last
(Willow’s Journey #2, sequel to In the Middle of Nowhere)
By Julie Ann Knudsen ’88
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
hile adjusting to her new life on a tiny island off the coast of Maine, Willow
Flynn begins to enjoy the hot and carefree summer days most teenagers
dream about. But dreams have a way of crashing, especially when a serious
illness threatens the very survival of the boy she has come to love.
Confessions of a Belly Dancer, The Heartland of America
By Raksanna Larcher Gore ’96, ’97
n her travels around the world as a professional oriental (belly) dancer,
Raksanna has met women in all stages of life and from all backgrounds. She
has collected the confessions of women who all have one thing in common
... the dance. She features these stories in three books. Her current book
Confessions of a Belly Dancer, The Heartland of America, was released in April.
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