Alumni Magazine Summer 2014 - page 41-42

Summer 2014
Summer 2014
Ryan G. Churchill ’04
(IE&M) has been
named a partner at GYMO Architecture,
Engineering & Land Surveying in
Watertown, N.Y. He and wife Lesley reside
in Burrville with their four children.
David M. Hurlbut ’04
(IEM) has made
a huge career change in order to stay
in northern N.Y. In 2011, he received
a degree in general dentistry from the
University at Buffalo School of Dental
Medicine. Dr. Hurlbut and his wife,
Elisabeth M. (Bates) ’04
(IEM), have
taken over North Woods Dental in
Potsdam and is now Adirondack Dental.
Ryan M. Turner ’04
(ChE) received a
full-time, tenure-track position teaching
chemistry at El Camino College in
Torrance, Calif.
Duy M. Le ’04, ’06
(BS, MS Cm) is a
senior scientist at LORD Corporation. He
focuses on developing formulations for
microelectronic applications.
Paul Czajkowski ’06
(CE) has joined
Indium Corporation as an environmental
health and safety technician.
Marianna Worczak ’06
completed her residency and chief
residency at Family Practice at UVM/
Fletcher Allen. In August, she moved
back to western New York and joined the
Olean Medical Group, Family Medicine
with Obstetrics.
Orhan Avcioglu ’07
(BTM), a
professional rally racing driver on
Ford Team Turkey, received the
“Sportsmanship Behavior Honorary
Certification Award” by the jury of
Turkish National Olympic Committee Fair
Play Commission in May. Avcioglu and
his co-driver Burcin Korkmaz in 2013
stopped during a race while in close
competition to assist the rally leader
after he rolled his car.
Bryan S. Beckingham ’07
obtained his Ph.D. from Princeton
University in May 2013. He and wife
Lauren, who also received her Ph.D.
from Princeton, are both postdoctoral
fellows at Lawrence Berkeley National
Laboratory and are enjoying the
proximity to the many national parks
of the west.
Lindsay R. Hoffman ’07
(EnvE) returned
from Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, in
October after traveling with the Syracuse
Professional Chapter of Engineers
Without Borders for an assessment
trip. The group met with six schools in
the rural Palajunoj Valley and plan to
construct latrines and handwashing
stations at some schools and help to
bring electricity to another.
Wesley L. Ridout ’07
(MBA) has been
appointed an associate in the law firm of
McGlinchey Stafford’s Jacksonville, Fla.,
office. He earned his J.D. from Florida
Coastal School of Law in 2010.
Stefanie D. (Tornow) Schwingle ’07
(Comm) and husband Jason, downtown
residents of Rochester, N.Y., have
launched the Rochesteriat, an online
guide that tells the everyday stories
of small-business owners, residents
and others who have dug in to stay
downtown. They hope to get the city
back to where it used to be.
Jennifer N. Coombs ’09
accepted a position as equity research
analyst at Wall Street Strategies Inc.,
New York, N.Y. Jennifer currently
publishes economic commentary and
relays stock research, which can be
viewed on the company’s website. Wall
Street Strategies was founded and
owned by Charles V. Payne, TV host and
Fox Business Network contributor.
Trisha R. (Hiemstra) Jesset ’09
has been hired as an engineer III at
Barton & Loguidice, P.C.’s facilities group.
Katherine H. Reardon ’09
(IE&M) has
accepted a position with the intellectual
property law firm Fish & Richardson
in New York, N.Y., as an associate. She
graduated magna cum laude from
Syracuse University College of Law with
her Juris Doctor.
Melissa A. Van Kleeck ’09
(ChE) has
been working on her Ph.D. in nuclear
engineering at Purdue University.
Last fall, she presented at GLOBAL
2013: International Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Angela (Dapolite) Lyons ’10
moved to New Hampshire to start a
new job as a chemistry teacher at
Winnisquam Regional High School in
Tilton. She is teaching College Prep,
Honors and AP Chemistry. She married
Steve Lyons ’10, ’14
(GSCM, DPT) on
December 28.
Dylan B. Thisse ’10, ’11
(CE, MBA) has
joined the water engineering group at
Wright-Pierce in New Hampshire.
Christina (Chapman) Caron ’11
is a mechanical engineer at Portsmouth
Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine. On
October 5, she married
Steve Caron ’08
(AE), who also works at the shipyard.
Conor Cullinane ’13
(AE) is working towards a Ph.D. in medical engineering
and medical physics in a joint program at Harvard Medical School and
Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and
Technology (HST) Program provides special training in bioastronautics, a new
field that involves the study and support of life in space. Cullinane prepared
for this field with his majors in biology and aeronautical engineering and
his Honors thesis on prosthetic devices. He sees some of his former Honors
Program classmates regularly since
Devon Jedamski ’13
(AE) is studying for
his Ph.D. in aerospace engineering at MIT and
Martin LaFleur ’13
(BMS) for
his Ph.D. in immunology at Harvard Medical School. He says whether watching
football or discussing complex processes that combine their fields, it is always
fun to see fellow graduates.
Chelsea A. Fanara ’13
(EnvE) of
Liverpool, N.Y., has been named an
engineer I in Barton & Loguidice P.C.’s
water/wastewater group.
Ryan D. Libbey ’13
(CE) joined DuBois
& King consulting engineers in Vermont
as a dam engineer in the civil works
Lu Lu ’13
(PhD Cm) has been appointed
research scientist at Technic Engineered
Powders Division in Woonsocket, R.I.
James D. Messana ’13
(CE) joined
TVGAs engineering team as an engineer I.
He lives in West Seneca, N.Y.
Noelle M. Miller ’13
(CE) works at
Nussbaumer & Clark Inc., Buffalo, N.Y.,
as a construction observer in the field
engineering group.
Cody A. Rosen ’13
(IE) travelled to
Israel for the Maccabiah Games, an
Olympics for Jewish athletes held every
fours years, to play on Team Canada. The
event attracts over 9,000 athletes from
over 70 countries.
Joseph M. Scalo ’13
(EnvE) has been
appointed project engineer for its water
business line at AECOM.
Kathryn E. VanDeValk ’13
(By) has been
hired as an assistant coach for the Golden
Knight’s women’s lacrosse program.
Three years ago
Charles (Chaz) Adams ’07
(ISBP) and a group
of friends in Buffalo obtained a license from TED to put on a
TEDx conference. In 2013, Adams became lead organizer of the
fall TEDxBuffalo event, which featured an eclectic line up of
puppeteers and preservationists, newspaper editors and scientists,
and police chiefs and musicians. More than 300 people attended
with hundreds more checking in on the webstream. After the highly
successful event, Adams accepted a promotion at The Hanover
Insurance Group and has moved to the greater Boston area where
he plans on getting involved with TEDxBoston. In his spare time, he
can be found marathon training, golfing, skiing and keeping up with
Clarkson Hockey and WTSC radio.
Ralph E. McGregor ’11
(PhD CS)
has joined Bridgewater College in the
mathematics and computer science
department as assistant professor of
computer science.
Lucas J. Tabolt ’11
(CE) has been named
an engineer II in the waste/wastewater
group at Barton & Loguidice, P.C.
Courtney J. Trainer ’11, ’14
(Py, DPT)
is the first student in Clarkson’s Physical
Therapy program to complete a clinical
rotation overseas. She worked with
patients having neurological disorders
in the Istituto Prosperius Hospital in
Umbertide, Umbria, Italy.
Alexander J. Benway ’12
(CE) has
been hired as water treatment plant
facilities engineer in his hometown of
Queensbury, N.Y.
Alexander Gruber ’12
(MBA) has
opened his own Orange Leaf Frozen
Yogurt franchise in Burlington, Vt.,
after working for his uncle as a
rotating manager for four stores in
Steven Wu ’12
(ME, IE&M) graduated
from the Navy Nuclear Power School in
Charleston, S.C. He started the second
half of the training pipeline getting
hands-on experience as a nuclear
operator in preparation to qualify as a
staff member and instruct Navy sailors
and officers in safe nuclear operation.
Joe Camilo ’13 (
EE) started a Ph.D.
program in electrical engineering at
Duke University where he is working
on a variety of problems in advanced
pattern recognition and machine
learning techniques.
Christopher R. McKinney ’13
(ChE, Ph) has
travelled to Kenya for two years where he hopes
to make a difference in people’s lives as a Peace
Corps volunteer. McKinney’s original assignment
teaching secondary school math and science
was due to start last October, but following the
terrorist attack at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi,
his departure was indefinitely postponed. Not
wanting his Swahili to go unused, McKinney
searched for other positions building upon his
experience in sustainability and the developing
world. In November, he landed a job with Burn
Manufacturing conducting field testing and market
research for clean-burning cookstoves. Traditional
cookstoves in Africa are a major cause of deforestation and produce smoke
that kills an estimated half million people per year. McKinney will be helping
to save trees and human lives.
Sydney Laramie ’13
(ChE) is a Ph.D.
student in chemical engineering at the
University of Michigan. She says her
extensive research experience and
summer internships at Clarkson put her
ahead of the curve compared to some
of the other first-year students. Last
summer, Laramie and
Kevin Fisher ’12
(ChE) completed hiking the Adirondack
high peaks. Fisher proposed to her on
the 46
peak and she said “yes.”
Charles J. Bryant ’89
(Ma, CS) and
Jennifer Sticca, September 22, 2012.
James M. Hewitt ’00
(CpE) and
Kendra M. Krauss, April 20, 2013.
Kip R. Davis ’03
(ChE) and Gerthy Samedi,
October 15, 2011.
Lucy J. Stone ’03
(IE&M) and Kevin Rock,
August 31, 2013.
Kyle J. Seymour ’05
(ISBP) and
Laura Fitzgerald, September 7, 2013.
Lauren M. Arredondo ’06
(BTM) and
Jody Elliot, September 7, 2013.
Nicholas A. Beiniks ’06
(CE) and Lauren Lex,
November 12, 2011.
Caitlin M. Durnin ’06
(ChE) and
Daniel A. Naske ’07
(EE), May 31, 2008.
Jeffrey J. Porubcan ’07
(ME) and
Ashley D. Cox ’07
(BTM), August 30, 2013.
Stephen D. Caron ’08
(AE) and
Christina M. Chapman ’11
(ChE), October 5, 2013.
Barbara A. Eikov ’08
(Ma CpS) and Vincent Bonanno, September 2, 2012.
Sarah E. Gardner ’08, ’11
(Py, DPT) and
Daniel J. Dick ’09
(ME), September 21, 2013.
Nicholas F. Neiley ’08
(ME) and
Francesa K. Equale ’08
(ME), January 26, 2013.
Kelly M. Fink ’09
(GSCM) and Patrick E. McDonald, September 1, 2013.
Kathleen Morris ’09
(BMS) and Steven Mong, June 15, 2013.
Brandon M. Sparacino ’09
(CE) and
Lindsay J. Colello ’11
(BMS), June 1, 2013.
Davanna R. Chetney ’10
(BMS) and
Timothy A. Marks ’12
(IE), June 8, 2013.
Angela M. Dapolite ’10
(ChE) and
Stephen A. Lyons ’10, ’14
(GSCM, DPT) on
December 28, 2013.
Lindsay J. Colello ’11 and
Brandon M. Sparacino ’09
Nicholas F. Neiley ’08 and
Francesa K. Equale ’08
Charles J. Bryant ’89 and Jennifer Sticca
Lauren M. Arredondo ’06 and Jody Elliot
Sarah E. Gardner ’08, ’11 and Daniel J. Dick ’09
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