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Summer 2014
Summer 2014
Another Goldwater Scholar for 2014-15
Ruisheng Wang ’15, a mechanical engineering major and
Honors program student, has been named a 2014-15
Goldwater Scholar. Only 283 scholarships were awarded
nationally for the academic year.
Wang’s Goldwater research proposal details a clinically
significant noninvasive technique of cardiovascular disease
risk assessment using accelerometers.
This summer, he is working at Massachusetts General
Hospital through a fellowship granted by the Harvard-MIT
Division of Health Sciences and Technology.
As of 2014, 30 Clarkson students have been named
Goldwater Scholars.
Front row: Joanina Gicobi (NSBE), Katherin Flores (NSBE) and Zhan Li (SASE); Second row: Hiba Saidi (SWE),
Julia Dockum (SWE), Tara Price (SWE) and Silvana Payne (SWE); Third row: Ray Phillips (AISES) and Ryan Yen
(SASE); Top row: Kevin Cave (NSBE), Jin Jian (SASE) and Batsal Pudasaini (SASE). Not present for photo:
Emir Garcia Nunez (SHPE) and Chasity Nunez (NSBE).
Beating the
Traveling Blues
Clarkson researchers have
developed a strategy to ease one
of the headaches of modern
airline travel: boarding the flight.
Using computer modeling,
School of Business Professor R.
John Milne and undergraduate
student Alexander Kelly ’14
devised a method that assigns
airline passengers to a specific
seat based on the number of
bags they carry.
“The new method would
save at least several seconds
in boarding time and prevent any one area of the plane from becoming overloaded
with bags,” says Milne. “Airlines could provide a smoother boarding experience for
passengers by utilizing the research.”
“Add that up over thousands of flights a day over the course of a year, and a large
airline like Delta could save about $10 million a year.”
An Alternative Spring Break
Buffalo doesn’t usually make the list of spring break destinations. But last
March, 14 Clarkson students decided to help Habitat for Humanity through
its Collegiate Challenge program, rather than celebrate at a vacation hotspot.
The volunteers spent five days pitching in at various Habitat work sites
in and around Buffalo. They did everything from demolition, framing and
wrapping, to installing insulation and cleaning up.
The students are members of five professional societies: AISES
(American Indian Science & Engineering Society), NSBE (National Society
of Black Engineers), SASE (Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers),
SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers) and SWE (Society of
Women Engineers).
Challenging Phony Body Images
Social documentation major Jenna Boss ’15
sees a big problem in fashion marketing. The
models are digitally slimmed down in images
that are touched up. That leads young women to
conclude they don’t really have that “ideal” body
image. And that, she adds, is
crippling her generation’s self-esteem.
“Every day, we’re exposed to a constant buzz of what we are — and are not
— supposed to look like,” Boss says. “There’s this idealistic body image we’re all
trying to emulate. But lots of people don’t know that what they’re seeing is fake.”
A video she developed on the subject of body image for one of her classes
evolved into a mission to help change the way people think about their bodies.
To help combat the onslaught of phony “ideal” body images promoted in the
media, she's developing a digital label, “E&A free,” to add to advertising images to
indicate whether they’ve been enhanced or altered.
Now she has a website (
) and is raising funds to bring her “E&A Free”
campaign to a larger audience.
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