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evening skating for the general public. By 1924, the schedule listed Hamilton at Potsdam,
Ogdensburg at Potsdam, Syracuse University at Potsdam, Middlebury at Middlebury,
Burlington at Burlington, and St. Michael's at Potsdam.
That was the season about which Murray Walker made a "confession" many years later.
He described how the Clarkson team journeyed to Vermont with no hope of beating the two
Vermont teams, but they were thrilled just to be playing them. So off they went, a team of eight
men, a manager, coach, and Walker himself. The next day, word flashed back to Potsdam that
Clarkson had defeated Middlebury 4-0. Unbelievable! Then the next day, further word came
that Clarkson also had beaten Burlington 2-0. Fantastic! People couldn't believe it. The secret
was kept for decades before Croskery and Walker revealed their strategy. These two had made
arrangements with two semi-pro players from Ottawa to join the hockey team at some junction
in Vermont where the train stopped, and to return to Canada the same way on the return trip.
The two Canadians assumed the names of two of Clarkson's players, and the whole team was
sworn to secrecy. Nobody else knew; nobody suspected.
Years later in 1978, as Hank Hodge was sitting with some alumni at a game at Yale, one
of them said to Hank, "You should do what we did back in the twenties." "What was that?"
Hank asked. His informer, one of the players whose names had been borrowed, revealed the
whole plot for the first time.
In the News.
In the fall, 221 students registered, Ross C. Hudson joined the faculty, and Theta
Pi Epsilon fraternity was founded on November 11,1921.
Sophomore Rules.
In the fall of 1921, after the sophomores seemingly were getting out of
hand, the Upper Class Committee formulated a set of Sophomore Rules, submitted them to the
Class of 1924 for approval, obtained the approval, and began enforcing them.
Late in the year, just before Moving-Up Day, the sophomores dunked and paddled 24
freshmen. Rumors flew around College that one of the freshmen, a young man named Munk,
had his back broken in three places by the "rude sophomores," and was under a doctor's care.
An investigation by the faculty revealed that the young man suffered only from a few blisters
which the sophomores insisted he got from lying in bed too long. Of course the faculty wanted
the paddling and all forms of hazing stopped immediately. Two sophomores, George T. Long
'24 and Russell F. Sanford '24, expelled at that time because they had entered a private
residence in pursuit of a freshman, were allowed to return to College after the rest of the class
agreed to abandon paddling.
1. Sophomores shall wear their class hats every weekday between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., from one week
after registration until Thanksgiving.
2. Sophs shall tip their hats to members of the Senior Class when meeting them on the streets.
3. Sophs shall not smoke on the college premises and only corncob pipes on the streets of Potsdam.
4. Sophs shall assist at all senior functions.
5. Sophs will not be allowed to carry canes.
6. Sophs shall not be allowed to wear mustaches.
However, as sophomores, they had the upper hand over the entering freshmen whose lives they
controlled. Thus, the Freshmen Rules were far more detailed and restrictive.
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