A Clarkson Mosaic - page 109

1. All freshmen were required to wear freshman caps from one week after registration until
Thanksgiving and from Easter until Commencement, and Freshman toques from Thanksgiving until
2. Freshmen are not allowed to smoke on the campus, college premises, or streets of Potsdam.
3. Freshmen shall not loaf on the college campus.
4. Freshmen shall not wear bow ties.
5. Freshmen shall tip their hats to members of the faculty.
6. No high school numerals, letters, class or high school fraternity pins, or Tech numerals shall be
worn during Freshman year.
7. Freshmen shall respect all reasonable requests from upperclassmen.
8. Freshmen shall not go bareheaded on the street.
9. Freshmen are required to assist at all junior and senior class functions.
10. Mustaches shall be worn by men only in their junior and senior year.
11. Canes may be carried only by upperclassmen.
12. Freshmen must always salute upperclassmen and greet sophomores first when meeting them
on the street.
13. Freshmen are to remain seated in chapel until the upper classes have passed out in order of seniority.
14. Freshmen must attend all college exercises, varsity, and class games.
15. Freshmen must escort the varsity team to and from trains when possible.
16. Freshmen must at all times carry matches for the upperclassmen.
The Upper Class Council reserves the right to make rules governing conditions and cases that might arise.
Violations of the above rules shall be dealt with by the U.C.C. Suggestion: Freshmen are to be seen and not heard.
carried these same rules until the last book appeared in 1946.
Veterans returning to campus after active duty in the warfare of World War II brooked no such
nonsense; they had come to Clarkson for a well-earned education. Thus, these rules
disappeared, and a Clarkson tradition died.
Clarkson's football team compiled a better record than in the previous year. First it
defeated Rochester Optometry 45-0, lost the second game to Union 14-0, held Hamilton to a
scoreless tie in the next game, and despite putting up a creditable fight against Hobart, lost 24-
0. Winning a decisive victory over Mechanics Institute of Rochester (later RIT) 45-0 on
October 22, Clarkson next lost to Norwich 39-0, and to Middlebury 14-0. However, in the game
against St. Lawrence, Clarkson resorted to "straight football—smash bang tactics that tore large
holes in the Scarlet line," and won 9-0. Using the same tactics, Clarkson won its final game of
the season against the University of Rochester 6-0.
Football by Radio.
Norman L. Rae '01, working for General Electric Company in
Schenectady, wrote John R. Weston about the Clarkson-Union football game on October 3,
The Radio Club of Union sent out the results by wireless. I don't know if they reached Potsdam, but Mare
Island Navy Yard [California] reported them "received O.K." Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, told them "not to hog
the air all night" as they wanted to talk. A telegram from New Orleans came today which said they received the
whole game, and a wireless from Panama was relayed through saying that they got the message there. I tell you
there is nothing like advertising. [Union won 6-0.]
New Equipment.
A new alternating current motor was installed to drive the machines in the
wood shop. It replaced a motor driven by a direct current generator. A transformer was used to
step down the voltage from 2,300 to 110 for the new motor. This was the first step in
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