A Clarkson Mosaic - page 11

Gradually taking over Snell Hall for classrooms and office space from State University
College, the administration planned and had built dormitories on the hill: Hamlin-Powers, the
Quad, Moore House, Price and Graham Halls, Woodstock (originally planned for married
student housing only) and the Townhouses. Beside them, it built the Educational Resources
Center in 1978, and the added recreational facilities of the Indoor Recreation Center in 1980.
The Downtown campus also witnessed expansion during those years: Peyton Hall for
Chemical Engineering, Damon for Civil, Clarkson for Electrical, and Lewis House for a student
union. Built in 1967, the Science Center was the only academic building on the hill campus
until the Rowley Lab was finished in 1987, and the CAMP building in 1991. Student Union
needs were met finally in 1991 with the opening of the Cheel Center containing a store, snack
bar, hockey arena, student government office, and a post office.
And now let us examine the bits and pieces of personal and college history which made
up the texture of that Clarkson Mosaic ... .
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