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son, William, Jr., graduated from Clarkson in 1947. Bill left Clarkson in 1953 to become the
associate dean at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, N.J.
Square & Compass Fraternity.
Granted its charter in 1922, this fraternity was founded to
uphold in college life the standards of equality, fraternity, charity, and morality. One of its
specific objects was to increase fraternalism among all student organizations upon the campus.
It had been founded in 1917 at Washington and Lee University to provide a democratic
institution which would federate the various Masonic clubs that have existed in American
educational institutions for many years. It did not bar its members from belonging to Greek-
letter fraternities.
Chemistry Goat.
On October 11,1922, the sophomore, junior, and senior chemistry majors,
with the help and collusion of three professors, bought a goat for the chemistry department.
This goat, said to be one of the finest in Northern New York, stood about 5 1/2 hands high.
Being of a seemingly religious nature, "like the rest of the members of the Chemistry
Department" (said the
), at times she knelt on her front legs as though in prayer. She
had an affinity for short grass, labels, apples, and tin in the metallic form.
No name was chosen right away, but a committee appointed to consult with the
American Chemical Society looked into the matter. Until a more suitable name was found,
however, she was called Rainbow. Her future and training was decided when she was expected
to play an important role at the St. Lawrence football game, assisting Clarkson in "bucking St.
Lawrence's line."
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