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Engineering Assembly, Russell Sanford. All present expressed hope that Clarkson would
observe Moving-Up Day in some important fashion in the future.
A typical Moving-Up Day, like the one on Saturday, May 19, 1928, began at 6 a.m.
with the seniors donning their caps and gowns which they wore all week. Freshmen who
became sophomores wore their sophomore hats, and exercised their sophomore privileges by
smoking pipes on the streets of Potsdam. At a convocation at 9 a.m., awards and sports letters
were presented and keys to the Integrator staff. A track meet participated in by teams from each
of the four classes was held at the Fair Grounds at 10:30. This was followed by a fresh-soph
baseball game after lunch, and then an auto race at the Fair Grounds with five cars entered to
race 10 laps. The winner came in at nine minutes and 10 seconds, averaging 32.7 mph. A
baseball game between the Varsity and the Farrisee faculty team followed the auto race. In the
evening the festivities ended with a college-wide sing on the steps of the College, led by Ken
Brundige and accompanied by the Clarkson Band.
In 1929, the ceremonies began with a student convocation at 8:30 a.m. at which time the
installation of the new officers of the student Engineering Assembly took place. This was
followed by announcing athletic awards. Then the tapping ceremony for Phalanx occurred. (See
1929) At 10:00 a.m. an inter-class track meet occurred in an effort to stimulate student interest
in forming a track team at the College. Afternoon festivities consisted of a Clarkson-SLU
freshmen baseball game, preceded by a 20-minute workout by the varsity. Topping off the day's
activities were the Varsity "C" Club banquet held at the Arlington Inn at which Andy Kerr,
coach of Colgate University and co-coach of the All-Eastern team, was the guest speaker, and
then a dance in the gym after the banquet. (See 1929 for Moving-Up Day and Phalanx Tapping)
An enthusiastic team fought hard during the 1923-24 season, even though they were
handicapped by not having a coach. They were, however, advised by Prof. Croskery. Playing
on that rink constructed behind Old No. 8, the team opened the season by defeating an All-
Ogdensburg team 1-0 on one of the coldest days of the season, when the temperature stood at
26 degrees below zero. The team then lost to Hamilton 5-0 at Clinton, N.Y., and returned to
Potsdam to lose to Syracuse 4-2 on Syracuse's first trip north. Traveling next to Vermont,
Clarkson defeated UVM 2-0 and Middlebury 3-0, and closed out the season by losing at home
to St. Michael's 3-2 in overtime.
Freshman Smoker.
Theta Pi Epsilon held a Freshman Smoker on September 24, 1923. Ninety-
five men were present. Music, cards, and smokes made the evening enjoyable. Refreshments,
consisting of salad, sandwiches, ice cream, cake, and coffee, were served at 11 o'clock and then
after a few songs and cheers, the party broke up about 12 o'clock.
Colgate Congratulations.
In a well-fought basketball game in Hamilton, N.Y., Clarkson
became only the second team in five years to defeat Colgate on its home court. On December
11, Clarkson used its usual short, snappy pass work, working the ball under the basket before
shooting, and won the game 38-36. There were many fouls called in this game, Colgate being
the chief offender. As the Colgate court is quite small nearly all the fouls were double shots.
On the day after his team lost, William Reid, graduate manager of the Colgate team,
sent Coach John Reed of Clarkson the following letter:
Mr. John Reed,
Potsdam, N.Y.
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