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In a drizzling rain, Clarkson lost to St. Lawrence by the heart-stopping score of 3-0.
A field goal early in the game from the 15-yard line sealed Clarkson's fate.
New Song.
Jack Mills, Inc., music publishers in New York, published a new popular song
There Ain't No Flies On Clarkson
. It was a comedy number and was considered:
... a typical college gang song which lent itself admirably for rallies, smokers, and other social occasions.
New Sport.
In the March 1925 issue of the Integrator, a new sport was proposed. Noting that
Clarkson already had football, basketball, baseball, and hockey, the editors suggested a new
sport: "parlor gymnastics." They felt that a winning team might be developed from the material
on hand without even the services of a coach.
Because such competition would deserve some mark of recognition, the
suggested the awarding of a letter or some suitable emblem as a token of appreciation for
bringing sterling qualities to the forefront. One suggestion was the letter "N" standing for
"necking" or "Normal," whichever way anyone wished to interpret it. Several men on campus
already had shown considerable ability in this field, and probably would take the lead from the
start. Nothing further ever came from this suggestion.
Ku Klux Klan.
Reports from Albany indicated that a new fraternity in the state, Alpha Pi
Sigma, might be the subversive organization, the Klan, in a new guise. In its papers of
incorporation, it claimed that it was:
... a purely fraternal patriotic society which owns and controls its regalia necessary to the proper conduct of its
affairs ... and will hold meetings in groves, not only in the state of New York but also in the entire United States.
This new society was said to have been organized by the Klan as a way out of difficulties
caused by the nullification proceedings against incorporation of the Knights of the Ku Klux
Klan. Suspicion arose when the name of the Klan's Kleagle (leader), Wilson D. Bush, appeared
as president of this new fraternity, and when the phrase "both sexes are eligible for
membership" appeared in its constitution.
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