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The Republicans nominated and elected Coolidge and Dawes. There were 2.5 million radios in
the US. The Ford Motor Company produced its 10 millionth automobile as the price of the
standard model hit its lowest point of $290 (with a crank instead of a starter). RCA
demonstrated wireless transmission of a picture from London to New York. In the first Winter
Olympics held in Chamonix, France, America managed to win one gold medal when Charlie
Jetraw won the 1,500-meter speed skating event. Metro-Goldwyn Corporation combined with
Louis B. Mayer Company to form Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, uniting the Loew movie-house chain
with the Goldwyn chain. Clarence Darrow agreed to defend Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb
after the two confessed to the murder of Bobby Franks. The New Yorker saw productions of The
Student Prince, What Price Glory?, and Desire Under the Elms. Rhapsody In Blue had its first
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• Basketball • Football Promises
• IFC Formed
• Commencement • Hockey Switch
• Col. Frederick Buck
Business Administration.
Following through on an idea that was introduced in 1921, the
College founded the Department of Business Administration and announced a course in general
science for students not going into engineering.
St. Lawrence defeated Clarkson in one of the fastest games ever played on the
Tech basketball court by a 22-20 score, January 11, 1924. This was the first of the annual three-
game series played between the two colleges. At the end of the first half, SLU was leading
Clarkson 12-8, but Clarkson came back strong in the second half, and tying the score at 13,
steadily forged ahead until with but three minutes to play, they were leading 20-17. Checked at
every angle and unable to get free shots at the basket, SLU resorted to shots from the middle of
the floor, two of which were successful, putting them in the lead, after which they were never
The first yearbook, the
, was published in 1924. An
announcing its distribution on May 26, 1924, stated that the first issue would contain about 200
pages of individual photos and write-ups of faculty, seniors, and juniors; cuts of athletic teams
and a summary of their work for the past two seasons; cuts of the College buildings, both
exterior and interior; and all other material usually found in a college yearbook. Its cost was
$5.00. Its first editor was Donald Cloke; C. Everett Burbank, the associate editor; Erwin
Vrooman, the business manager; Dr. Michel, the faculty editor; and Prof. Ross, the financial
It printed pictures of the 16 faculty, among whom at that time, seven still were teaching
25 years later: Powers, Wilson, Hamlin, Piper, Dart, Farrisee, and Hudson. Four fraternities
were depicted in the book: Omicron Pi Omicron, Sigma Delta, Lambda Iota (now Delta
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