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We do hereby and hereon solemnly and sincerely promise and swear that we will walk home from Canton if we
are beaten on November 15, [and furthermore]
Resolved, that in the case of defeat at the hands of St. Lawrence on November 15, we do hereby and hereon
promise, swear, affirm, and allow that we will not remove by fire, razor, knife, hatchet, ax, or electric needle, the
promiscuous growth about the chin and facial regions until a period of two weeks shall have elapsed.
(Signed) Members of Clarkson College
Clarkson won that game 34-0.
The Interfraternity Council was formed in January 1924, when two members, a junior and a
senior, from each fraternity on campus met to elect officers and to begin encouraging the united
efforts of the fraternities on campus. Kenneth Taylor, OPiO, was elected president; James
Cuthbert, Lambda Iota, vice president; and Erwin Vrooman, Theta Pi, secretary. The others on
the council were Everett Burbank from Lambda Iota, Russell Sanford and Jack Wilson from
Sigma Delta, George Harnden from Theta Pi, Joseph Powers from OPiO, and Donald Donovan
and Paul Barlow from Clarkson Technical Society.
Its first business was the awarding of the George Cook Scholarship cup for the year
1922-23. Other business matters included holding a dance to raise money to help the yearbook,
working on a schedule by which the stewards of fraternities could buy collectively, and setting
up interfraternity basketball and hockey leagues.
Hockey Switch.
In 1924, the now famous "switch" occurred on the way to and from two games
in Vermont: one against Middlebury and one against Burlington. (See 1921)
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