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functions for solutions. It was expected to help pilots to locate their exact position while in
flight, and artillerymen determine ranges.
Rowe resigned as Clarkson's president in 1932, and died of a heart attack in Baltimore,
Maryland, on October 2, 1939.
Surveying Camp.
This camp was inaugurated on Grindstone Island in the Thousand Islands
under the direction of Professor Ross Hudson with the assistance of Lynn Merrill. Three weeks
were chosen late in July for high school students, and then on August 27, Clarkson sophomores
began their required two-week session. They lived and ate in tents, had one power boat, and
when they were not surveying the island, did considerable swimming and fishing.
Football Season.
Saturday, November 10, 1928, saw the first Clarkson-St. Lawrence football
game on Clarkson's own field. St. Lawrence had won five of the past eight games:
1920 - Clarkson 0 SLU 34
1921 - Clarkson 9 SLU 0
1922 - Clarkson 26 SLUO
1923 - Clarkson 0 SLU 3
1924 - Clarkson 0 SLU 3
1925 - Clarkson 0 SLU 3
1926 - Clarkson 0 SLU 3
1927 - Clarkson 6 SLU 12
That year, SLU had a 2-5 record and Clarkson only a 1-5 record; but despite outplaying the
Larries, Clarkson lost 9-0.
Football Broadcast.
In October, when Clarkson played Hamilton College in football on Snell
Field, an amateur radio enthusiast at Clarkson named Sears, with call letters 8PI operating
station 8BHX on Bay Street, contacted a Hamilton student at 8AOQ in one of the Hamilton
dormitories. At the end of each quarter, the results were sent to the dorm room full of students
eagerly awaiting the news, and when the score was announced, there was a lot of cheering.
Five minutes after Clarkson lost by the score of 14-0, Hamilton knew of its victory.
Incidental Events.
Playing on the ice rink in Ives Park, Clarkson's hockey team won 17
straight victories over two seasons before losing to Middlebury 2-3; it completed the year with
a record of 10 and 1.
The third
appeared for the classes of 1928 and 1929 before
Commencement and was dedicated to Bertrand Snell.
That graduation ceremony saw the first degree in Business Administration awarded to
William Macartney, a four-year letterman in both hockey and baseball.
The speaker at Commencement was Burton Delack '03 manager of General Electric's
Schenectady Plant, attending his 25th reunion at the same time.
The first issue of the new weekly Integrator had a picture of President Rowe, and
reported that the first convocation on September 13 had been called to order by Assembly
President J.K. "Red" Kampf with the students singing On, O Clarkson, Helluva Engineer, and
Give Us a Drink, Bartender. Jerry Akins led the band.
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