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walk the remaining space in the block C, pause, and retrace their steps throughout the entire
formation as the Phalanx advisor read the citation detailing that candidate's accomplishments to
the audience. The procedure was repeated until all the candidates had been tapped.
Slight changes were instituted in 1937. At 9:00 a.m., the ceremonies began with a
general convocation at which certificates were awarded to the previous year's Phalanx tapees.
This was followed by a general business meeting of the Engineering Assembly at which the
new officers were inaugurated. At the close of that meeting, the students assembled outside of
Old Main for the Phalanx tapping ceremony. Forming a compact double file in the shape of a
"C" with seniors and freshmen forming next to the Shop Wing of the building, and the
sophomores and juniors beside the ME Lab, the "C" opened toward Main Street. Then the
Clarkson Guard put on what they called the "Guard Mount" with the Clarkson Band assisting.
Once those maneuvers were completed, the "C" closed and then reformed as a double-line "C"
facing Old Main. As soon as that formation was completed, the members of Phalanx marched
between the lines and tapped the men selected.
This ceremony was followed by a parade through town with floats made by various
organizations. It moved down Main Street to Park, across in front of the Civic Center, up Leroy
Street to Pleasant, down Pleasant to Market, and then back to Main and so return to Old Main.
A luncheon for Phalanx members was held at noon in the Albion Hotel [now the parking lot
along Elm Street behind Cady's Jewelry Store]. A baseball game between Clarkson and St.
Lawrence dampened the afternoon's spirits when Clarkson lost 3-1. The day was ended with a
song-fest in front of Old Main beginning at 7:00 p.m. There the freshmen sported their new
"Soph" hats. Ken Brundige led the singing, and even some Normal girls joined in. Skip Morse
played the piano, and Tom Cook led the band in a few numbers. Among the songs enjoyed
were Annie Laurie, Sidewalks of New York, I'm a Helluva an Engineer, and even Alouette,
ending with the Alma Mater and Good Night, Ladies.
On February 13, 1947, five juniors and seniors were tapped as members of Phalanx at
Moving-Up Day exercises held this time in the Civic Center Auditorium.
On June 5, 1947, Moving-Up Day was held on the lawn in front of Old Main as usual
when the freshmen from Malone joined the rest of the students. Dr. "Doc" Powers spoke briefly
on the history of Clarkson and the source of the College colors and motto. Dean W. Farrisee
directed the Phalanx tapping.
On May 21, 1952, as rain forced the Moving-Up Day exercises into the Civic Center,
activities began with a band concert by the ROTC band under the direction of Harold Jebo. This
was followed by an academic procession led by seniors who would be graduated in June.
Faculty members participating in the ceremony also marched in the procession. Donald Vair,
president of Phalanx, was master of ceremonies. Dean of the faculty, Lowell Herron, introduced
each department chairman who, in turn, gave awards to the students in his respective
department. This was followed by the presentation of the fraternity scholarship cup and a short
talk by Richard Perkins, newly elected president of the Board of Governors. All students
participated in the formation of the "C" in preparation for the Phalanx tapping. Singing the
Alma Mater completed the ceremony. In spite of the inclement weather, a push-ball contest was
held at Snell Field in the afternoon.
By 1955, those ceremonies had been modified to include just the presentation of awards,
and the Phalanx tapping in the Arena at 10:00 a.m. on a late Spring Saturday morning with the
entire student body present. Department award-winners were announced from a platform at the
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