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far end of the arena floor, the winners came forward to be presented with their awards and the
new Ice Carnival Chairman, appointed by Phalanx, was announced.
Early in the 1970s after many of the student body chose to "cut" the event, the ceremony
was shifted to the Alumni gym, and the students seated in a block of chairs facing the podium.
President Plane in 1974 insisted on further change after complaints from the parents of a
student who was sure he was going to be selected. They objected to the visible disappointment
the young man had to experience. As a result, the Commendable Leadership Awards were
created so that those prospective Phalanx members who were not to be tapped, at least would
receive some recognition for their campus achievements. By the 1980s this modified Moving-
Up Day ceremony had changed its name to Phalanx Day and moved to Snell Hall auditorium.
In 1991, the day was designated University Recognition Day.
Phi Delta Sigma.
Bringing the total of professional societies on campus to six, Phi Delta
Sigma, the national honorary journalism society, was organized at Clarkson by a group of
seniors holding positions on the Green Griffin, Integrator, and Clarkson Press Bureau staffs.
Chosen from the senior and junior classes, its members must have given evidence of intellectual
ability in the field of journalism. Its purpose was to stimulate an interest in collegiate
Sports Excitement.
Clarkson's football team had a weak season, losing six of their nine games;
the team won only their three home games against Alfred, RPI, and Hobart. However, in an
exciting basketball game played in Montreal on January 26, 1929, Clarkson defeated McGill
University by the score of 29-28 in overtime. Just as the whistle blew, J. Kenneth "Reddy"
Kampf '29 scored a basket to tie the game. Then Arthur Hale '29 scored the winning shot just as
the whistle blew to end the five-minute overtime period. Spectators stated that this was one of
the hardest fought and cleanest games they had ever seen. The following week, Clarkson lost to
St. Lawrence in Canton 28-17.
Hockey Stars.
"Freddie" Dion completed his hockey playing this year as captain of Clarkson's
varsity team. In all the 32 games of his college career, he played almost all of the playing time
with only a few penalties. Judged by sports critics in 1928 as the best in American hockey, he
was chosen as All-American center in 1929. Also selected All-American was Carol "Buzz"
Williams '33 as center on the Ail-American Second Team.
During the 1927-28 season, Dion had amassed 28 of the 61 points scored in the 11-
game season, scoring eight of these goals in the game against Princeton. The great scoring line
of Dion, Way land, and Macartney was long remembered by Clarkson hockey fans. Shifted
from center to defense in the 1928-29 season, Dion and his fellow defenseman, James Guest
'31, held the opponents scoring to a scant four goals on Clarkson's rink while the Clarkson
skaters scored 36 goals.
Edison Jubilee.
Clarkson celebrated the Golden Jubilee of the Electric Light on Monday,
October 21, 1929, by meeting in the chapel to pay respects to Thomas Alva Edison, and to see a
motion picture about him. Prof. Powers announced that the celebration would include talking
motion pictures. He arranged that bit of magic by tuning a radio to the events in Dearborn,
Michigan, while a silent motion picture biography of Edison was being shown to the students.
While the film was being shown, over the radio came the voices of famous people who had
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