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CCT-SLU Rivalry.
At a convocation on October 31, Wally Easton, chairman of the Board of
Governors, described a conference between the dean of St. Lawrence and Clarkson's President
Rowe which made explicit the point about the CCT-SLU rivalry. Unless the raiding of Canton
for banners by Clarkson men ceased, and unless the general conduct of Clarkson men going to
Canton during the week preceding the St. Lawrence game was better than in former years, St.
Lawrence would terminate all athletic relations with Clarkson. The raiding stopped;
competition continued.
Class Rings.
Seniors could order four different styles of class rings with their choice of
amethyst, ruby, onyx, or sardonyx. Each ring in yellow gold had the department, fraternity, and
class numbers embossed on it. Prices ranged from $15 to $19.50. The standard payment plan
was $5 down and the balance payable when the ring was delivered by mail in about one week.
25 Years of Service.
Dr. Carl Michel celebrated 25 years of service to the College in February.
When he began teaching at Clarkson on February 6, 1905, William S. Aldrich was the school's
director. In the intervening years, he saw the school grow from an enrollment of about 50 to an
outstanding technical school with an enrollment of 370 in 1929. He played a large role in that
During that quarter-century, Michel taught a wide variety of subjects, ranging from
mathematics to business law to psychology, to languages, to literature and philosophy. His
students remembered fondly the intelligent way in which, as he used to say, "topics were
In 1928, in the absence of Dr. Brooks, Michel was acting president, and when Brooks
resigned, Michel was offered the job, but he declined, saying that he would rather be a
professor than be burdened with the responsibilities of president.
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