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Morse, Trustee.
Glenn Morse '11 joined the Clarkson Board of Trustees. He had spent 11
years working in Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh, Massena, Kansas City, and Niagara Falls,
before he joined the J. R. Weston firm in 1922. While there, he continued to be a strong
supporter of Clarkson, particularly in alumni relations, serving among other duties as alumni
representative on the Board of Athletic Control. An accomplished pianist, Glenn frequently
played at musical activities on campus and in town.
Association of American Colleges.
At the annual session of the Association of American
Colleges, held in Cincinnati, the recommendation of the Executive Committee was approved,
admitting Clarkson College to full membership in the organization.
The purpose of this organization was to create and maintain uniform standards in regard
to all phases of college work. Rigid requirements had to be met, and only those institutions that
complied with those requirements were admitted.
This organization was headed by Dr. Ernest Wilkens (president of Oberlin College) as
president; President William Lewis of Lafayette College as treasurer; and Dr. Robert Kelly as
permanent executive secretary. Its executive committee consisted of Dean Eisenhart of
Princeton, Dean Hawkes of Columbia, President McConaugh of Wesleyan University, and Dr.
Ryan, rector of Catholic University of America.
Student Orator.
Speaking on the subject of "Washington, the Man of Business Vision," Anton
F. Boehm of Passaic, N.J., won first place in the elimination contest held at Clarkson to choose
a speaker to represent the College in the College Oratorical Contest being conducted by the
New York State Commission for the Celebration of the Two Hundredth Anniversary of the
Birth of George Washington.
Boehm, a junior on the honor roll with a total of 43 honor points, was an active member
of other Clarkson activities, including the Drama-Techers, the dramatic society on campus. He
delivered his oration before the student body at a special chapel program held on Monday,
February 22, to observe the 200th anniversary of the birth of George Washington. He cited
several points about Washington's life that clearly indicated that he was a man of business
vision, for his business ability was held in such high esteem by his neighbors and business
associates, that he was constantly being called upon to serve as a director or executive of
numerous enterprises.
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