A Clarkson Mosaic - page 155

At a convocation earlier in that week, Clarkson students learned a new pep song called
"Warpath," a combination of three tunes in medley form. The first part of the medley was a
stanza from "Helluva Engineer," the second was two new stanzas of words to the tune of "Betty
Co-ed," and the third stanza sung to the tune of "Happy Days Are Here Again." Here are the
I'm a helluva, helluva, helluva, helluva, helluva engineer, A helluva, helluva, helluva, helluva,
helluva engineer, For I'm a jolly good fellow and I drink my whiskey clear, I'm a ramblin'
wreck from Clarkson Tech and a helluva engineer. (Tune: "Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia
Clarkson Tech, you bet, is on the warpath, Clarkson Tech, you bet, is ready for the fray,
Clarkson Tech, you bet, has on its war paint, Our Green and Gold is going to fight today. You
bet we'll fight for the name of Clarkson, You bet we'll fight till the last white line is passed,
And you bet our line will fight like seven mules, While our four horsemen can't be stopped at
all. (Tune: "Betty Co-ed")
Our big day is here again, Now is the time to cheer again, Clarkson Tech you bet will win
again, Clarkson Tech will win today.
(Tune: "Happy Days Are Here Again")
Movie Boycott.
After months of having to pay high prices in order to sit through such second-
rate movies as First Year, and Downstairs accompanied by five acts of R.K.O. vaudeville, What
Price Hollywood, Washington Masquerade, and Winner Take All, the Clarkson student
government agreed to boycott the theater. After the manager of the Rialto theater on Market
Street [currently Barstow's Floor Covering Store] refused to bargain, freshmen and sophomore
students began picketing the theaters both in Potsdam and Canton. When the theater continued
to show second-rate movies, the boycott proved unsuccessful and died a slow death.
Ice Carnival.
As the fitting climax to Junior Prom weekend, the Ice Carnival was filled with
sports and fun. It began with a five-mile ski race for men and half that distance for women.
Leonard Martin of Montreal won in 30 minutes and 30 seconds over the rough unbroken trail
involving fences and bare hills as additional hazards.
That night, the Carnival opened at 7:30 at the hockey rink with the crowning of King
Robert (Rusty) Moore and Queen Marjorie Russell and the grand march. Prizes were awarded
for the best costumes for marchers. Then, women's speed skating was followed by men's speed
skating, a women's potato race, a men's potato race, a men and women's joint race, a broom ball
game between Lambda and Sig, followed by a hockey game between O Pi O and Theta Pi. The
final event was a dance at the gym.
Faculty-student Interaction.
Students having trouble with calculus would visit Prof. Andy
Hamlin's house in the evening for some special help. Most of those help sessions were spent in
listening to Andy's trout fishing stories—particularly about the day he caught 100 fish in Maine.
Prof. Fred Piper was rather nearsighted, and students took advantage of him because of it. After
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