A Clarkson Mosaic - page 159

Old Coins Found.
In the fall, a number of old coins were found by boys playing in the ruins of
the Homestead, the Clarkson family home which had burned in 1909. These copper and silver
coins dated back as far as the 1750s and included French pieces of the Napoleonic Empire and
the republic. They were thought to have been part of a collection by a member of the Clarkson
Student Paper Honored.
Albert E. French '34 was awarded first prize among the 200 papers
submitted to the Northeast Division of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers in May
for his work
, "The Place of Operations Calculus in Undergraduate Study of Electrical
His was the first paper ever submitted to AIEE by a Clarkson student, and was in
competition with work by engineering students from practically all other engineering colleges
in the northeast, including MIT, Yale, Cornell, Syracuse, WPI, and the State Universities of
Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.
Baseball Scoreboard.
J.R. Weston donated a baseball scoreboard for Snell Field so the
spectators could keep track of the game easily. It was mounted in left center field.
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