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Alcoholics Anonymous became a formal organization. President Roosevelt signed The Social
Security Act. Carlton Magee invented the parking meter. Robert Watson-Watt of England
developed the principle of radar. Laurens Hickok Seelye was elected president of St. Lawrence
University, replacing Dr. Richard Sykes. Fifteen rounds were set as the standard for title
boxing matches. Malcolm Campbell set a world auto speed record of 276.8 mph. In Jerusalem,
3,000-year-old records were found to confirm Biblical history. Jesse Owens set a long-jump
record of 26.5 feet. Omaha became horse racing's third Triple Crown winner. The National
Labor Relations Act guaranteed the rights of employees to join labor organizations. Lou
Gehrig hit his record seventeenth grand slam home run. Gershwin's
Porgy and Bess
opened in
New York. To escape from the hard times of the depression, American moviegoers were
Mutiny on the Bounty, Lives of a Bengal Lancer, Captain Blood, Anna Karenina,
David Copperfield
, and the Marx Brothers in
A Night at the Opera.
• Degrees Changed • High School Day
• Freshmen Honored • Commencement Speaker
• Ice Carnival • Woodstock Lodge
• Glee Club • Dramatechers Production
• Thomas in Minstrels • Two Freshmen Drowned
• Varsity C speaker • Madam Asp
• "Leading Hockey Team" • Basketball
Degrees Changed.
The designation of the undergraduate degree in engineering and business
administration was changed from a Bachelor of Science to Bachelor of Civil Engineering,
Business Administration, etc. The Bachelor of Science degree in these areas was not used again
until 1964. The BS in Chemistry was not changed. Fall registration climbed a little to 353: 63
seniors, 80 juniors, 81 sophomores, and 129 freshmen.
Freshmen Honored.
The Class of '39 made quite a name for themselves as freshmen in the
fall of 1935. Ten were chosen for the honor roll in that first semester and 12 in the spring
semester. The freshmen football team was unbeaten and unscored upon.
Ice Carnival.
By 1935, Ice Carnival had added a second day to the festivities to allow for a
performance of the "Minto Club Follies" show by the Minto Skating Club of Ottawa, Canada,
on Clarkson's outdoor rink located where the current Walker Arena stands. This club dates back
to 1903 when it was founded by the Earl and Countess of Minto when he was Governor
General of Canada, both he and Lady Minto being enthusiastic skaters. This club consisted of
12 to 15 members of the Rideau Skating Club which had been organized 20 years earlier. It
played a large role in the development of figure skating in Canada. Its policy had been to stress
the general standard of skating for enjoyment, rather than for awards. Nevertheless, some of its
skaters achieved world fame on ice. One of its most famous members was Barbara Ann Scott,
Olympic gold medalist in 1948.
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