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Glee Club.
Under the direction of Prof. Brundige, instructor of mechanical engineering, the
Clarkson Glee Club performed at a Convocation for the entire student body in March.
Beginning with
Viking Song
Winter Song
, the club then introduced a quartet. Bob Cain, Ed
Furness, Wen May, and John McQueen sang
Short'nin' Bread
in true Southern style, and
followed up with a Negro spiritual,
Swing Along
. They were joined by a second foursome,
Howard May, John McArtur, Fred Crossman, and Donald Smith to sing
Cornfield Melodies
The entire club concluded the program by singing
and the rollicking
Captain Kidd
before they ended with the Alma Mater.
Thomas in Minstrels.
To aid the Potsdam Rotary Club to raise money for its Crippled
Children's Fund, President James Thomas agreed to appear in its annual Revue and Minstrel
Show cast as a negro slave, End Man. Dr. Voelker and John Maxcy of Potsdam Normal
appeared as
Bold Bad Pirates
, outfitted with cutlasses, dirks, belaying pins, and eye patches.
Dr. Thomas' jokes and wisecracks were said to be of the ultra-modern order, while Dr. Voelker
and Maxcy's rendition of
Sixteen Men on a Dead Man's Chest
was the hit of the show.
Varsity C Speaker.
Tommy Gorman, internationally known sportsman and manager of the
Montreal Maroons, world's professional hockey champions in 1934-35, visited campus in May.
He was the guest speaker at the Varsity C awards banquet at the Arlington Inn.
"Leading Hockey Team."
To be crowned US Champions, the Clarkson hockey team set an
impressive record of 10-3. Many sports writers placed them in the class of the "Leading US
Hockey Team." That accolade came as a result of the team's losses only to the Ottawa Senators
6-2 in an exhibition game in the Canadian capital to open the season. The Techers bounced
back in their game against Dartmouth to start a successful year 5-2. Led by Paul Marion, who
scored three goals, a smooth passing Clarkson sextet on January 9 defeated the Princeton
hockey team 4-2 in Baker Rink for the Tiger's fourth straight loss. This was followed by the
sextet overcoming Ottawa University 8-5. They followed this by beating Dartmouth in a hard
fought game in Hanover 1-0. Next they walloped Colgate 16-2 in Potsdam, having defeated
them 9-2 in Syracuse earlier in the season. They went on to defeat Yale at New Haven 4-3,
Pittsburgh Athletic Club twice in Pittsburgh 5-3 and 3-2, and ended their season with their tenth
victory by beating St. Patrick's of Ottawa 7-3. Their only losses came in non-intercollegiate
defeats by the Atlantic City Seagulls 9-10 and 1-9.
High School Day.
On Saturday, May 25, over 400 students from Northern New York high
schools visited the campus to inspect the various exhibits displayed by the College's
departments. Set up in conjunction with the Methodist Episcopal Conference, these students
came from an area stretching from Mexico (N.Y.) to Saranac Lake and Malone. The Methodist
Episcopal Epworth League Conference, meeting in town during the same weekend, also sent
200 students to view the exhibits.
Commencement Speaker.
Dr. Lloyd C. Douglas, pastor of the St. James United Church in
Montreal, but better known as a novelist, delivered the Commencement address on June 3,
1935. His most famous works were
Magnificent Obsession
Green Light
(1935), and
two later widely popular historical novelson the New Testament,
The Robe
(1942) and
The Big
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