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In 1967, the building was remodeled for use as a student meeting and activity building.
Its interior was completely removed, structural steel positioned throughout, and the walls and
foundation strengthened. The basement was enlarged into a student pub; the upper floors made
into student meeting rooms.
On July 10, 1987, the building was dedicated as Clarkson's Alumni House. A flagpole
erected in front was dedicated to R. Thomas Williamson, vice president for academic affairs,
for his service as acting president between 1987 and 1988, following the resignation of
President Allan Clark.
Dramatechers Production.
As its production for this year, the drama club chose
Ten Nights in
a Barroom
. Based on a novel by T.S. Arthur, which appeared shortly after the Civil War, this
five-act play revealed true Victorian characteristics in its melodramatic denunciation of the
evils of drinking. And the Clarkson troupe played the lines for all they were worth to
get the most laughter. Its successful reception by the students prompted the cast to take it to
local high schools. It was produced in Heuvelton on October 16, Madrid on the 17th, Potsdam
High on the 21st, Parishville on the 22nd, Russell on the 23rd, and North Lawrence on the 26th.
Two Freshmen Drown.
Horace Stoel of Clayton, N.Y., and Vernon Lawrence of Canton
drowned in the St. Lawrence River on November 16. After watching Clarkson's football victory
over St. Lawrence University, the two men went to Lawrence's family cottage near Morristown
on the river for the weekend. Their empty canoe was found on the riverbank with a hole
punched in its side on Sunday. Lawrence's body was found on December 8. Stoel was never
Madam Asp.
A genial clerk at Weston's, Mrs. Charles Asp was a good friend to all who sought
her help. Students with problems would stop in to get good motherly advice from this much-
admired woman. For example, during 1935 and 1936, when fraternities had parties that
required small gifts, the members would buy the gifts elsewhere in town, and stop in at 45
Market to ask Mrs. Asp to wrap them.
Mr. and Mrs. Asp came to Potsdam first in 1929 from Red Wing, Minnesota. In the
baking machinery business, Charlie travelled around the country installing equipment. He saw
and liked Potsdam so much that he returned to Red Wing to bring his wife here to live. She got
a job with Weston's, and he with the maintenance department at Clarkson. Avid hockey fans,
the two of them would sit on the stands and watch the games being played on the river. Such
enthusiasm is not surprising when one remembers that Murray Walker, one of her bosses at
Weston's, was the "father of Clarkson hockey." She even used to pay for the tutoring of weak
students so they could stay in school and play hockey.
Moses Okilman '38, one of the hockey team, was responsible for bestowing the title
"Madam" on her. Weston's used to give out samples of gum and candy, and each day Moses
would breeze into the store and ask "Any samples today, Madam?" And the name stuck.
By winning 15 games and dropping only four, Clarkson became the New York
State Conference champs. They rolled up 714 points to their opponents 518. They won seven
straight games before losing to St. Lawrence.
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