A Clarkson Mosaic - page 165

Bertrand H. Snell once again became the Chairman of the Republican National Convention,
which nominated Landon and Knox. In the November election, Roosevelt carried every state
but Maine and Vermont. Margaret Mitchell published
Gone With The Wind
. The Baseball
Hall of Fame was set up in Cooperstown, N.Y. Lindbergh assisted Dr. Carrell in developing the
artificial heart. The dirigible
completed its first scheduled transatlantic flight. King
Edward VIII of England abdicated "for the woman I love." Ominous news included the Spanish
Civil War, the formation of the Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis, and Hitler's sending troops into the
Rhineland. The German Volkswagon made its debut. Pitching ace Walter Johnson duplicated
George Washington's legendary feat of throwing a silver dollar across the Rappahannock
River. The Queen Mary, British ocean liner, crossed the Atlantic Ocean at a record average
speed of 30.7 knots. Jesse Owens won four gold medals at the Berlin Olympics: 100- and 200-
meter dashes, running broad jump, and the 400-meter relay team. Beryl Markham became the
first woman to fly the Atlantic alone from east to west. Eugene O'Neill won the Nobel Prize for
Literature. The public was reading Faulkner's
Absalom Absalom!
, Carnegie's Pulitzer Prize-
How to Win Friends and Influence People
, and Sherwood's
Idiot’s Delight
. The movie
theaters offered
The Great Ziegfield
, and Chaplin's
Modern Times
On the Hill
Alma Mater Poll
Ice Carnival
Hockey Season
Green and Gold Revue
Underclass Rules
John R. Weston
Science Demonstration Day
ROTC on Campus
Rifle Team
New Deal Poll
Election Poll
On the Hill
. The Trustees decided to begin building on the hill as soon as $350,000 had been
. The fall enrollment rose to 383.
Alma Mater Poll
. The
conducted a poll to learn which tune the students liked best
for the Alma Mater,
My Maryland
New Melody
. They chose
My Maryland
, and it remained
as the Alma Mater's melody for another 40 years.
Ice Carnival
. Bob Cain and Catherine Lenney were elected King and Queen of Ice Carnival,
January 27, 1936.
Hockey Season
. Clarkson's ice sextet finished their 14-game season without losing to a
collegiate foe; its only loss came at the hands of the St. Nicholas Club, a semi-professional
team from New York City made up of ex-college stars. Pre-season, Clarkson had played a
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