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three-game series against Harvard at the Lake Placid Olympic Club. Clarkson won the first
game 2-1, lost the second 5-3, and was losing the third by two goals with only 25 seconds left
when two dazzling Clarkson shots tied the game and the series.
Green and Gold Revue
. Forty-two Clarkson men worked diligently to put together the
of Revues
in the Rialto theater on March 31. It contained skits offering a "tour" of the United
States with stops in principal cities, including a meeting of the
League of Nations
Washington, a spiritual meeting in New Orleans, a stop at a movie studio in Hollywood, a night
club in Chicago, a broadcasting studio in New York City, and a final stop in the
Tech Tavern
in Potsdam.
This "trip" was taken by three couples who opened the show as though in a conventional
sorority house on a Sunday night when they were interrupted by a new freshman, played by
Gerry Geraerdts. The end men in the Minstrel show were Fran Goodness and Ed Fiesinger, Sam
Gartel and Bill Fiesinger, with Bob Cain as the interlocutor.
Underclass Rules
. These rules were considered Clarkson Traditions, and so were maintained
and enforced. All underclassmen reported for breaking these traditions were brought before the
Board of Governors at a regular meeting and their cases judged. There, the chairman would act
as judge, and senior board members as jury. All underclassmen convicted of breaking traditions
were to have their names posted on the bulletin board and were to be boycotted by all
students until the next board meeting.
During the period the rules were in force, all underclassmen were obligated to speak,
salute, and carry out all traditions as usual. At the end of the boycott period, if there were any
complaints of the underclassmen not mending their ways, further steps would be taken by board
members. Freshmen were required to speak first and salute all upperclassmen and were allowed
to smoke pipes on the streets, but not on campus. If they lost the pushball contest, they were not
allowed to smoke on the streets until after Thanksgiving. [In 1936, the freshmen lost the contest
. Even though Clarkson had won against Hartwick by a score of 45-0, its first game of
the season, it faced Syracuse as its second opponent. This was Syracuse's opener, as it had been
since 1932, and Syracuse had won every one of those games, running up a total of 303 points
against Clarkson's 6. On October 7, Syracuse again won it 31-0. The following Saturday,
Clarkson journeyed to Watertown to take on Niagara University.
To encourage the team with Clarkson cheers, the Board of Governors hired special
busses to take the student body to this game. After a disappointing 13-12 loss, the students
weren't in the proper mood to enjoy the dance at the Hotel Woodruff, especially after being
drenched in the downpour during the first quarter of the game. The team went on to play a
scoreless tie with Upsula and to defeat Alfred 31-0 and Buffalo 41-0 before the St. Lawrence
St. Lawrence Week began with the Wednesday morning convocation and general pep
meeting at which two guests from St. Lawrence spoke about the hopes held high by both
schools that the malicious pranks created by the rivalry would be held in check. On Thursday
evening a pep rally was attended mostly by freshmen and sophomores so that they would brush
up on the Clarkson songs and cheers in preparation for the big pep rally on Friday. Friday
classes were cancelled so the entire student body could clear Snell Field of snow.
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