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succumbed in overtime 7-5. Clarkson's loss of the second game 6-3 and the finale 3-1 revealed
the danger of a lack of reserves on the team.
Chi Tau Sigma.
This campus fraternity dissolved through lack of interest and funds.
Cum Laude Members.
Eleven men from the Class of 1937 were selected for the Cum Laude
Society: Bill Fiesinger, Syracuse; Bill Rust, Cortland; Lloyd Brownell, Potsdam; Elmer Kelly,
Johnstown; Len Dover, Cornwall, Ontario; Alf Gratton, Ottawa; Bill Rodger, Canton; Marshall
Wood, Cortland; Dave Nelson, Lawrence, Mass.; Stan Cartin, Watertown; and Roy Cross,
Gouverneur. To be selected for this honor, not only must a candidate have obtained at least 200
honor points in seven semesters, but also have been of good moral character, have been active
in several extracurricular activities, and by his general attitude toward the school and
professors, have shown his superior qualifications.
Dean's List.
Phalanx's proposal that Clarkson should create a Dean's List for seniors was
accepted by the faculty. This idea was ratified by the faculty and put into effect in March 1937.
Qualifications for appointment to the List were the same as for the Cum Laude Society.
This List would consist of seniors who had attained a certain high average through their
previous years' work, and would permit the honored men during their final year to take
unlimited cuts in any of the the courses in which they had a P grade or better in the interim
marking periods. They were not allowed to cut quizzes, but outside of that, their attendance was
left to their own judgment. That attendance privilege remained in force until 1989.
Clarkson Colors.
In reply to a specific query, Prof. Wilson investigated, and then informed
Secretary Morse of the Board of Trustees that the Clarkson sisters had chosen green and gold
for the school's colors because Thomas S. Clarkson was so fond of the goldenrod flower.
Summer Session.
A regular six-week summer session in Potsdam was introduced to supersede
the summer camp on Grindstone Island. Enrollment at the College grew to 430 in the fall.
Class Accomplishments.
The Class of '37 had seen the tank rush supplanted by the first ever
pushball contest in 1933 which the freshmen lost 4-0, as well as an intramural sports program
established. They had danced at the first Junior Prom, enjoyed special privileges from the
Phalanx-initiated Dean's List, and laughed through the Dramatechers' production of
in the Wind.
Those were the days when a student could see a movie at the Rialto theater for a quarter
[now Barstow's carpet store on Market Street], get a triple banana split at the Albion Hotel for
35 cents [now the parking lot behind Debra Cady's Jewelry Store at the corner of Market and
Elm], and purchase CCM ice skates at J.R. Weston's for $5.00.
Senior Poll Winners.
Winner's in the
senior poll were Len Dover (Best Dressed),
Orv LaBarge (Leader in Clowning Business), Alf Gratton (Most Serious Student), and William
Chase (Most Popular).
Junior Prom.
Under the guiding hand of Fran Goodness, the Junior Prom was a great success
on February 12 in the Civic Center. The dance music was provided by one of radio's better-
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