A Clarkson Mosaic - page 175

Clark; in 1947 to Ross Potter; and in 1949 to Lionel Hewitson. The remaining recipients have
Ken Brown, 1951
Brian Shields, 1977
William Drummond, 1952
Sid Tanchak, 1979
Robert Chouinard, 1954
Dave Makuch, 1980
Gordon Meitz, 1955
Steve MacDonald, 1981
Arthur L. Smith, 1956
Gary Larsen, 1982
Edward MacDonald, 1958
Pat Haramis, 1984
H. Allan Graham, 1959
Dave Fretz, 1985
Robert Empie, 1968
Dave Mellen, 1989
Rick Magnusson, 1970
Mark Tretowicz, 1990
Fred Erikson, 1971
Dave Tretowicz, 1991
Brian Mason, 1972
Patrick Theriault, 1994
Larry Fleetham, 1973
Claude Morin, 1995
David Taylor, 1977
Interfraternity Ball.
On December 10, the interfraternity ball was held in the Civic Center.
Under the direction of Bob Whitman, the Varsity Dance Orchestra included some novelty
numbers for the entertainment of the couples.
One of these called "substitution of the second team" involved members of the orchestra
changing places with each other. The piano player took over a trumpet, the drummer assumed
leadership, the trombonist on the bass viol, and so on. The results, to say the least, were
Chrysler Post for Thomas.
A significant honor was conferred upon Clarkson and its president,
Dr. James Shelby Thomas, when Detroit announced that he was to become the Director of the
Chrysler Engineering Institute. Thomas had gained wide fame as an outstanding educator,
possessing a keen mind and keen educational foresight.
This Institute was a graduate school for 40 mechanical engineers who were selected
yearly by the Chrysler Motor Corporation for a two-year program. Because in the past, this
organization had been run in a rather disorganized manner, Dr. Thomas' job was to coordinate
everything within the school. Part of that job was to establish a balanced curriculum that would
fulfill the purpose that the Chrysler people had in mind when they began the Institute.
Chartered under Michigan Laws, this school was empowered to grant PhD degrees.
ME Field Trip.
Accompanied by Professors Brundige and Davis, 18 senior mechanical
engineers spent six days in April visiting Boston and Providence. Monday, they visited the
Charlestown Navy Yard where they saw turbines for destroyers being built and anchor chains
being forged, followed by a visit to the USS Constitution moored there. Then, came a visit to
the Boston and Maine railroad yards.
That afternoon, they witnessed the finish of the Boston Marathon from in front of the
Lennox Hotel where they stayed. Several amateur photographers in the group took a picture of
the first two men who came dashing down the street only to find that the men bore signs
reading, "We are running to see Jean Harlow and Robert Taylor in `Personal Property' at
Loew's State." And ended that day at the ball game.
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