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badly melted ice rink to be resurfaced hastily for the races. Lambda won the ice statue contest
with its medieval castle illuminated with colored lights; Karma received honorable mention for
its winged skate.
The feature event of the evening was the hockey game between Clarkson men and
Normal women. Dressed in one skate and one shoe the Techers used a broom in one period and
a hockey stick in the next. Although the women wore two skates, they also used alternately
brooms and hockey sticks. Despite their handicap, the men outshot and outscored the women,
winning the game 2-0. Regrettably, the warm weather returned on Saturday to prevent the
Minto Club from displaying its talents on the ice. This cancellation of the Minto Show at Ice
Carnival spurred the construction of the indoor arena in the summer of 1938, although natural
ice was not installed in the arena for 14 more years.
A successful dance at the Civic Center, however, revived the sagging spirits
of the over 300 couples who danced the hours away between 8:30 and 11:30 p.m.
Despite the bad breaks in the weather, the carnival was deemed a success.
Outing Club Building.
At its meeting in New York City in January, the Board of Trustees
agreed to allow the newly formed Outing Club to use the conservatory on the Clarkson hill.
Located on the corner of the hill near Woodstock Lodge, it overlooked the ski hill. [It was
demolished when the Science Center was constructed in 1967.]
The Outing Club stated its objectives to have this building serve as the headquarters for
the whole community of Clarkson outdoor interests. It would provide a spacious lounge for its
members and would serve food to members and visitors to the College. The Club also planned
to build one cabin in the Adirondacks every year beginning in 1938. These cabins would
contain a stove, cooking equipment and four bunks, and would be built at a cost of about $150.
None were built. Its last goal was to form both a ski team and a skating team to represent the
Hockey Champs.
The 1937-38 hockey team justly claimed the US "championship" with a
record of 13-1-1, after defeating Carleton 9-4, Queens 2-0 (then losing to Queens 0-5 and tying
them 2-2), Morrisburg 7-1 and 5-4, Mille Roche 14-1 and 9-7, Cornell 10-0, Iroquois 6-3 and
18-0, St. Nicks 5-2, Princeton 8-3, Dartmouth 7-0, and Yale 3-2. One of those games was a
milestone game.
On February 11 in Brooklyn, N.Y., the Clarkson sextet took the ice against an
undefeated St. Nicks team. One of the strongest amateur hockey teams in the east, St. Nicks had
run up a 14-game winning streak before meeting Clarkson. Maurice Pilon scored for Clarkson
early in the first period when he took Dufour's pass at the blue line and sent a sizzling shot into
the lower corner of the net. In the second period, Cliff Allen scored after taking a pass from
Maurice Pilon and Cromwell Donaldson. "Pete" Donald made the score 3-0 when he took
Omer Legault's pass in front of the net and flipped it over the St. Nicks goalie. After a St. Nicks
goal, Cliff Allen closed out the scoring of the second period when he took a double pass from
Oscar Dufour and Donaldson and sizzled the puck into the net. The third period saw St. Nicks
score one goal, but Pilon closed the scoring on a beautiful shot from a pass by Dufour and
Nilon. This marked St. Nicks first defeat at the hands of an American college hockey team.
Others on the Clarkson team were Art Blouin, goalie; Moses Okilman; Charles Malley; and
Gordon Campbell, defensemen.
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