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The Second World War started when Hitler invaded Poland on September 1. On September 3,
Britain and France declared war on Germany. Bohr, Einstein, Fermi, and others formulated
the uranium fission theory. Lawrence received the Nobel Prize for the development of the
cyclotron. Levine and Stetson discovered the Rh factor in human blood. Zworkin invented the
electron microscope. Sikorsky developed the helicopter. Pan American Airways began regular
scheduled flights to Europe. World’s Fairs were held in New York and San Francisco.
Steinbeck published
The Grapes of Wrath
. John Wayne starred in
, Judy Garland in
The Wizard of Oz
, Jimmy Stewart in
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
, and Gable and Leigh in
Gone with the Wind
. Lou Gehrig ended his record streak of consecutive baseball games at
2,130 on May 2. Every day, American women at home listened to an average of 6.6 radio soap
operas, such as
Our Gal Sunday
Helen Trent
, and
Search for Tomorrow
. “Grandma” Moses
exhibited paintings at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. No Nobel Peace Prize was
Campus Events
Faculty Rifle Team
Thomas to Teach
Edward McHugh
Student Pranks
Calendar Changed
Clarkson Man’s Qualities
“School Spirit” Contest
Electrical-Chemical Show
Powers Injured
Who’s Who
Glee Club
Student Opinions
Student Lounge
Freshmen Marksmen
Hungry Cheating
Lack of Respect
Scientific Instruction
Chem. Engineering Honorary
. In September, President Thomas announced the startling news that the enrollment
showed a marked increase. Over 188 freshmen, 120 sophomores, 102 juniors, and 72 seniors
were proud to call themselves Clarkson men. That total of 482 far exceeded any other total in
the history of the school.
Campus Events
. On January 2, the first hockey game was played in the new arena. Old Main
added a new west wing for the electrical engineering department.
Faculty Rifle Team.
Through the generosity of the military science department, several faculty
obtained use of the rifle range for practice to become a faculty rifle team to compete with the
College rifle team before the
year ended. On the team were Professors Baumgartner, Wingate,
Crandall, Allison, Buxton, and Winicki. Because he formerly had been a member of the Cornell
team, Prof. Weiss was designated as coach. Professors Baumgartner and Wingate possessed
previous rifle experience through their service in the Army.
On Tuesday, March 28, in its first match against the varsity, both teams fielded four
shooters, with the three high scores counting. Cushing, Wade, Maynes, and Powers fired for the
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