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varsity, while Dr. Baumgartner, Dr. Crandall, Prof. Wingate, and Prof. Buxton made up the
faculty team. The final score was 762-622 in favor of the varsity team.
Thomas to Teach
. President Thomas agreed to teach a course in the spring term. As his first
course at Clarkson, he offered the first Sociology course ever taught here.
Edward McHugh
. Ed McHugh joined the faculty, later becoming the chairman of mechanical
engineering, dean of the School of Engineering, dean of the faculty, and finally was Director of
Special Programs; he retired in 1978.
Student Pranks
. To express their displeasure with an unpopular civil engineering prof,
students sawed half through the back legs of his office chair. When he leaned back, as was his
custom, the legs broke and he collapsed to the floor. The next day a pile of tin pie plates fell on
his head as he opened his office door. He didn't seem to get the message.
Students in the chemistry department once stuck a test tube generating hydrogen sulfide
gas in the breast pocket of their lab instructor. He accused all the students of making that
horrible odor before he realized that he was the big stinker.
Calendar Changed
. Registration for classes was held on Wednesday morning, September 20,
and classes began that afternoon. Thanksgiving recess was confined to a single day, and classes
ended for the fall on December 20, and resumed on January 3 for two weeks before final
exams. Then a week of vacation before the second semester began. Easter recess was
lengthened to a week, and finals began on Tuesday, June 4, and lasted through Wednesday,
June 12.
Clarkson Man's Qualities
. The Clarkson man's best qualities were his personality and his
dancing ability, and his biggest weaknesses were his attitude and his clothing, according to a
survey conducted among Potsdam State (Normal) women.
In answer to the question
What is the Clarkson man's worst fault?
Normalites gave a
variety of answers that (in the
words) "would make the sins of Nero and King
Henry the Eighth seem like minor mistakes in the life of a Saint." Many Normalites stated that
the Clarkson man drank too much, others that he was too passionate and liked to "smooch" too
much, still others that he was conceited, and a few stated that his worst habit was being late for
dates. One girl even replied that his worst fault was putting on his sweater without
remembering to wear a shirt under it. Other faults included telephoning anonymously, being a
wolf, no school spirit, ignorance, jealousy, slams about girls, lack of courtesy, provinciality,
and a superiority complex.
"School Spirit" Contest
. President Thomas sponsored a contest to promote school spirit.
Offering cash prizes for the best three entries, the president called for essays not to exceed
2,500 words which covered the following points: What is College Spirit? What sort of College
Spirit do we want at Clarkson? What methods can be suggested to secure this Spirit? Nothing
noteworthy emerged.
Another effort to raise school spirit began with the guessing contest for the final score of
the Clarkson-SLU football game. For one week, students could guess not only the final score,
but the scoring of both teams by periods. These ballots were placed into the special ballot box
1...,175,176,177,178,179,180,181,182,183,184 186,187,188,189,190,191,192,193,194,195,...643
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