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on the first floor of Old Main for one week - Friday to Friday. Sponsored by Weston's, this
contest had a first prize of $5. There were no winners!
Electrical-Chemical Show
. On Saturday, April 15, the students of the electrical engineering
and chemistry/chemical engineering departments hosted over 160 visitors, particularly high
school students, to a student-run Electrical-Chemical Show. Although these two departments
were concerned with two different types of engineering, they demonstrated also certain
connecting links between them. The chemical engineering students demonstrated several
processes requiring electricity, and the electrical engineering used chemicals in some of their
Powers Injured
. On returning to Potsdam from a school in the east where he had seen his son
play football, Dr. Powers stopped at a farmhouse to ask directions. He fell in the driveway and
received a severe injury to his left leg. Infection set in and the resultant gangrene made
necessary the amputation of his leg. After a hospitalization period of six months, he returned to
Potsdam. In an open letter to the
, he said:
"To all let me remind you that it was my leg and not my jaw which was hurt. The invitation to
come and see me is as warm as I can make it. (I never visit with my leg!)"
Who's Who
. Seven Clarkson men were chosen for inclusion in the 1939 edition of
Who's Who
in American Universities and Colleges
. James Crowe, Anselmo Fini, Robert Hassett, John
McQuair, Robert Roger, Robert Smith, and Arthur Simonds. These men were nominated by the
faculty because of their character; leadership in athletic, social and student government;
scholarship; and potential usefulness to the modern world.
. As usual, Clarkson fought well, keeping Syracuse scoreless for the first half, but lost
its opener 12-0. In its second game, however, the score was quite different. Clarkson handily
routed Alfred 24-6 and squeaked out a 3-0 win against Springfield in the third game of the
season. A wet field and a slippery ball made the game difficult, but Clarkson made it four in a
row when they defeated Ithaca 15-12. Keeping their winning streak alive, they overcame strong
opposition by beating Cortland 12-7 in a tumult of rain and snow on the Cortland field. This
streak came to a sad end in Lancaster, Penn., when Franklin and Marshall defeated Clarkson by
one point – a missed conversion. The season came to a glorious end, however, when Clarkson
smothered St. Lawrence 20-0. By this win, Clarkson's 11 assured the return of the J.R. Weston
trophy to Potsdam. (See 1937)
Glee Club
. President Thomas decided to take either a quartet or an octet from the Glee Club
along with him when he spoke at North Country high schools, for he felt that nothing could
help more in advertising the College. He invited the entire Glee Club to accompany him to
Watertown when he spoke to several thousand high school students.
Student Opinions
. In answer to questions about the world situation, Clarkson students
provided interesting insights into the American student mind during November as war
approached rapidly in Europe. Only 4% felt England and France should accept Hitler's peace
proposals; only 30% felt the US should send troops to help England and France if they were in
danger of defeat; over 90% said they would not volunteer to fight beside England against the
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