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Germans; 30% felt Roosevelt should not run for a third term in 1940; and only a few felt that
Thomas Dewey should be the man for the White House.
Student Lounge
. In memory of Francis "Pat" Cummings, an alumnus and member of the
Trustees, a student lounge was built in the basement of the physics building. It served as a place
for students to smoke and lounge in their free time between classes. Mr. Cummings' widow and
daughter, and President Thomas were the donors of the $1,200 needed to lay a new floor, install
a new ceiling, and re-cover the walls.
Freshmen Marksmen
. All of the freshmen qualified as marksmen or higher in the Rifle
Marksmanship course, with 10 expert riflemen and 38 sharpshooters. This was better than the
record of the previous freshmen which listed one expert rifleman and 34 sharpshooters.
. Starting their league schedule in January against Queen's University from Canada, the
Techers were unable to repeat their previous year's championship play. Even though they were
on home ice in the new arena, the team lost to Queens 3-0 on January 2, and then played a
second game against the Canadian team three days later. And again they lost 2-1. Their next
games included losing to Colgate at Hamilton 3-4, defeating Cornell 9-1, and tying Toronto in
overtime at 2 in Potsdam, defeating Yale at New Haven 4-3, and St. Nicks in New York City 3-
2, then losing to Colgate in Potsdam 3-4, and concluded the season by losing on the road to
Princeton 1-3, but defeating the Clinton Athletic Club 6-2.
Non-league games included seven games against Prescott (Canada) and five against
Cardinal (Canada). They ended the season with an 8-12-2 record.
Hungry Cheating
. Students all over the country are confronted with the temptation of
cheating on examinations and have devised some rather ingenious methods of doing so after
succumbing to temptation. One of the cleverest, and most difficult to prove, was devised by a
hungry Clarkson student.
When he entered the room to take the exam, he told the instructor that he had been
studying so diligently that he had not had time to eat. Then he cleverly received permission to
snack on crackers during the examination. However, what the instructor did not realize was that
on the back of each saltine cracker were notes which outlined completely the subjects covered
in the course. So after he had finished recording the proper answers, the student would devour
the evidence. He left behind him an almost perfect examination paper and absolutely no
evidence against him of any wrongdoing. He boasted to his friends later, but never was caught
or punished.
Lack of Respect
. The Board of Governors was forced to take action against both the freshmen
and sophomores who had shown a serious lack of respect for tradition by not obeying their
rules and regulations. The rule most flagrantly disobeyed was the wearing of freshman hats.
Hardly 50 percent of the frosh wore their hats as tradition required.
As a consequence, by order of the Board of Governors, the freshmen were to refrain
from wearing their "beanies" until after Easter. They were to wear their toques, instead. If they
had lost their toques, they were required to wear civilian hats instead and an arm band as
indication of their loss.
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