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Another rule that was to be strictly enforced allowed the upperclassmen to leave
convocations before the freshmen. Even after Dr. Thomas gave a spirited talk to them, the
freshmen continued to break this established rule. As a consequence, all freshmen were
required to attend all convocations and contests thereafter during the year, for by so doing, the
School Spirit would be revived.
Scientific Instruction
. A giant step in the direction of scientific instruction occurred when
Clarkson purchased the latest model Bell and Howell film-sound projectors for use by all the
departments in the school. This projector which re-projected sound on film first was
demonstrated at an AIChE meeting when Dr. Charles Hecker included a three-reel story of the
development of Bakelite materials and the rapid expansion of the use of these manmade
materials. The remainder of the program consisted of one reel of football pictures and another
of old time ballads sung by Margaret Speakes.
Its second use occurred at an ASME meeting the next evening. Then a movie dealing
with the manufacture of safety glass cleared up some questions in students' minds about what
kept windshields from shattering. The second movie was of last year's Clarkson-St. Lawrence
football game, possibly to inspire the viewers to urge the team on to avenge the defeat depicted
in the film. A third movie showed how internal combustion engines were made.
Chemical Engineering Honorary
. At the home of Prof. Winicki late in November, a group of
junior and senior chemical engineering students met to form a ChE honor society. They felt
such an organization would play a significant role on both the chemistry and chemical
engineering departments. This group was comprised of seniors Chellis, Getz, Lynch, LaGraff,
Fairchild, and Wheelock, and juniors Zuckerman, Ciambrone, Pierce, Powell, and
Johnson - all of whom had been chosen for their scholarship record.
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