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from 1963 to 1966 when he left the College to become president of Inter-American University
in Puerto Rico.
Fall enrollment stood at 608, with over 100 in each class, a record to date. More
than 91 percent of the graduates of 1939 reported by February 1, 1940, that they were
By the spring of 1940, Clarkson's ROTC unit had developed into a complete battalion
of four companies. Seniors who had completed the Advanced Course (covering demolition,
construction, military engineering, and six weeks of summer training at Ft. Belvoir, Va.) were
commissioned as second lieutenants, the first earned by Clarkson's unit.
William Sedr and James Lynch, both seniors, were selected as Clarkson's first honor
ROTC cadets. Because they had applied for commissions in the Regular Army, they were
examined by an Examining Board of three lieutenant colonels sent to Clarkson for that sole
purpose. Both students received their commissions on July 1.
On Campus.
Holcroft and Woodstock were in use as cooperative dormitories with the students
doing the work and hiring a cook. A four-month Civil Pilot Training Program requiring 35
hours of flying time was established using the airport at Massena. Four tennis courts were built
on Snell Field. Fall semester exams were held from Wednesday, January 24, through
Wednesday, January 31.
Posting a 10-3 record, Clarkson defeated the Massena Stars 10-3, lost to Princeton and
Yale, then went on to defeat St. Michael's, Cornwall twice, the Massena Stars a second time,
Norwich, Colgate, St. Lawrence by the stunning score of 19-2, the Clinton Hockey Club 11-2,
and then losing by one goal to Massena before ending the season by defeating Cornwall 15-3.
Other Sports.
St. Lawrence downed Clarkson in basketball in the season finale in March by
the heartbreaking score of 33-32. Despite Bob Dowling's 14 points, a last-minute basket by the
Larries gave them the game.
The 1940 football season saw the team win two, lose three, and tie two. Clarkson beat
Hartwick 13-0 and Ithaca 7-6; they lost to Syracuse 31-0, to Cortland
Teachers 13-0, and to St. Lawrence by 14-0; their scoreless two ties were against CCNY and
Delta Chi Sigma.
Clarkson's newest honorary fraternity was formed in February with its 11
members majoring in chemistry or chemical engineering. Prof. Hecker was its advisor.
Student Opinions.
In answer to an
question, "Do you think Clarkson should include
more courses of cultural value in its curriculum?" several students gave interesting replies. One
The profs all seem to agree that there is not enough time in the four years to go deeply enough into the
various phases of engineering. If this is true why should we sacrifice this most valuable time to learning a little art
that can be understood much better by the reading of good books after graduation. The musician cannot learn
music by studying medicine, neither can the engineer learn engineering in the study of poetry. A course or two on
such matters as applied psychology or social customs should tend to raise the rating of the so-called uncouth
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