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On January 6, President Roosevelt in his speech to Congress introduced the Four Freedoms: of
speech, of worship, from fear, and from want. In March the National Gallery of Art opened in
Washington, D.C. Grand Coulee Dam beganoperation. Providing $13 billion in ships and
supplies to potential allies against the Axis, the Lend-Lease Bill was signed. In June, Germanyn
invaded Russia. Following Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, the US entered the
war against Japan, Germany, and Italy. A survey conducted by the Student Opinion Surveys of
America revealed that early in November, only 19.8 percent of young people in American
colleges and universities were in favor of the United States sending planes and pilots to fight
against Germany; 80.2 percent were opposed to such a move. Marlene Dietrich refused the
Nazi's request to return to Germany and make pictures. The Supreme Court ruled Fair Labor
Standards Act (the 40-hour week) was constitutional. Eddie Arcaro won the Kentucky Derby on
Whirlaway. William Donovan began the new Civilian Intelligence Agency (CIA). Joe DiMaggio
hit safely in 56 consecutive baseball games. Moviegoers were enthralled by Welles'
, and by
The Maltese Falcon
, and
How Green Was My Valley
Schedule Revision
Old Main Pedestal .
Tau Beta Pi
Swartwout Killed
Who's Who
Norman Rea Prize
Ross on the War
AIChE Contest Winners
Schedule Revision.
Beginning in the spring semester 1941, classes were rescheduled to begin
at 7:45 a.m., allowing for a fifth morning class period of 50 minutes, before afternoon classes
began at 1:15, and ended at 5:15. This new schedule eased the classroom pressure of oversized
classes congesting the rooms and laboratories.
June's Commencement awarded 99 undergraduate degrees and the last
professional degree conferred, one of mechanical engineer. Among its graduates was Donald
McIntyre, who joined the administrative staff as assistant treasurer in 1947, and who rose to
become vice president and treasurer of Clarkson as well as treasurer of the Alumni Association
before retiring in 1984.
Of the 598 students registering at Clarkson in the fall of 1941, only 518 registered
for the spring term, the remainder having left school for service in the armed forces, or for
personal and financial reasons.
Tuition had risen to $323; room and board from $240 to $320.
Old Main Pedestal.
On Monday, October 14, L.R. Burch, president of New York Air Brake
Company in Watertown, presented to the College for the pedestal outside of Old Main the
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