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Its traditional yell adopted in 1907 was:
Ammeter, Indicator, Wye Level Wye,
Slide Rule, Dynamo, Tau Beta Pi!
After 1978 that yell was changed to:
Calculate, Innovate, Try, Try, Try,
Integrity, Honesty, Tau Beta Pi!
A large model of this bent presented to the Clarkson chapter by Prof. Robert L. Lewis,
chairman of the civil engineering department, on April 23, 1972, was mounted on a core
outside Clarkson Hall. That core was part of a calyx-drill core taken in May 1957, during
engineering studies for the St. Lawrence Power Project in Massena, from bedrock formed in the
paleozoic era about 500 million years ago.
Swartwout Killed.
Ben Swartwout, outstanding junior, was killed in a freak accident while
decorating the Civic Center for the Ice Carnival Ball in 1941, The accident occurred when the
ladder on which he was standing to place balloons in a suspended net buckled beneath him and
pitched him downward 10 feet to the dance floor. Robert Thompson and Tom Jones, who were
assisting him with the decorations, rushed to his side. Although there was no sign of life, they
summoned the Leo Sullivan ambulance and rushed him to the hospital where he was
pronounced dead. An examination revealed he had died instantly of a broken neck.
He had been one of the hardest working members of the Ice Carnival committees over
the past three years. The dance was cancelled out of respect for him, and later, at Winter
Carnival in February 1942, he was tapped into Phalanx posthumously.
Who's Who.
Twelve Clarkson men were chosen for the 1942 edition of &i Who's
Who in American Universities and Colleges:&n Robert Butterworth, George Cowie,
Paul Garvey, Herbert Grasse, George Hawley, Albert LaRue, Fred Lyon, George
Maclean, Laurel Putman, Paul Rice, James Sterling, and Frank Zverblis.
After a bad mauling by Syracuse in the season opener 39-0, Clarkson
came through in good fashion. It beat Ithaca 20-0, tied Alfred at 7, beat CCNY
20-0, Cortland by 23-0, and rounded out a great year by defeating St. Lawrence
by 26-0. This season was hailed as one equal to or even better than the 1932
season when the team went unbeaten also after losing the opener to Syracuse. The
summed up the 1941 team this way:
The Clarkson team of 1941 will go down in green and gold writing as the team having
everything. Teamwork, brain work, sportsmanship, speed, power, brawn, and love of the game
are evidence in this combination from one end of the line to the other, and from the man backing
up the line to the man playing safety. Probably never before has there been a team take the field
with a scholastic standing comparable to the current aggregation. Dean's List men, honor men,
and all-round leaders have chased the Tech football star all fall. Do you wonder that they turned
in such performances?
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