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The Pacific War increased in intensity. All aliens had to register with the government. Mt.
Rushmore Memorial was completed. The luxury liner, Normandie, burned at a New York City
dock. Washington set a national speed limit of 40 mph to conserve tires. The New England
coastline was blacked out to protect American ships from enemy submarines. Flying from
"Shangri-La," the USS carrier Hornet, General James Doolittle led his B-25 bombers in the
first raid on Tokyo. In June, the American Navy broke the back of the Japanese fleet in the
Battle of Midway Island. At home, rationing of sugar, coffee, and gasoline began, as well as a
ban on retail sales of new cars and trucks. On October 1, Robert Stanley flew the first
American jet for Bell Aircraft. In December at the University of Chicago, the first continuous
nuclear reaction was demonstrated. Garbo starred in
Two Faced Woman
, Olson and Johnson
, and Gary Cooper in
Pride of the Yankees.
Bing Crosby sang "White
Christmas" in the movie
Holiday Inn.
Youthful male attire in the country featured a "zoot suit
with a reet pleat," and included a long watch chain looped from waist to pants pocket. Dancers
chose to "jitterbug" rather than "lindy hop." The Coconut Grove night club fire in downtown
Boston killed over 300.
• Ice Carnival
• Prof. Powers' Advice
• Defense Stamp Corsages
• Sugar Rationing
• Swartwout Memorial
• Thomas on the War Board
• Commencement
• Pep Rally
• George Maclean
Who's Who
• Weston Trophy
• Football
• Jack Phillips, Yankee?
• Naval Reserve
• Class Ring Design
• CAA Program
• Holcroft Flagpole
• Enrollment
Ice Carnival.
Begun as just ice races in 1931, and a three-day affair since 1938, the carnival
opened on Thursday evening, February 5, with competition at the Arena. Beginning at 7:30
with men's singles skating races (four laps around the ice) open to any student, followed by
women's races, a "couples" race (men and women skating as a team), a men's, and then
women's relay. Next came the "broomball" game in ice skates using a football as a puck and
played with brooms as sticks. After this came the sorority stunts of Ago, Alpha, and Clio,
followed by men's stunts of Holcroft, Karma, Lambda, Neutrals, Sigma Delta, and OPiO.
Friday evening saw the king and queen crowned before the dazzling ice skating display
put on by the famous Ottawa group, the Minto Skating Club, starring Barbara Ann Scott. An
added attraction on Friday was the presentation of the Ben Swartwout trophy for the best ice
statue to Karma for its rendering of a lighthouse. The Minto Club skated again Saturday
evening, but mainly for the townspeople. The highlight of Saturday was the Ice Carnival Ball
attended additionally by the young ladies from the Minto Club.
Defense Stamp Corsages.
Uncle Sam's Treasury Department suggested an ideal way for men
to support the war effort while buying corsages for their dates at the same time: buy corsages
made with Defense Stamps. The 10-cent red stamps would go well with the woman's white,
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